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    Economic Growth

    What is economics?

    A) What is economics? b) What role does economics play in your personal decisions and or those of your organization? c) Give an example of the role of economics in decision making. Please relate the concepts to your personal experience and/or professional experience. Please write in your own words otherwise put the refere


    5â?"10 pages Details: As an economist, you have been asked to address a meeting of a group of international professionals to explain the differences between microeconomics and macroeconomics and to provide real-world examples. Please create a PowerPoint presentation of 5â?"10 slides including, but not limited to the followin

    Business Cycle

    What is a Business Cycle? Explain what happens to Economic growth and Consumption at each stage of the cycle. At which stage of the Business cycle is your firm right now and why? Thank you! I really appreciate it! Any firm example can be used to explain the business cycle.

    International capital movements

    Explain by 2000 words and attach references. Arguments for therefore against free international capital movements. Prefer polices to make those movements less volatile? No copy and past from web sites. I would like to get a some ideas.

    Help with the following Questions

    1. When there is unsustainable rapidly rising prices of some type of financial asset, such as stock, we refer to this a(n): A) liquidity trap. B) bubble. C) bad-precedent problem. D) moral-hazard problem. 2. The two main causes of a bubble are: A) herding and leverage. B) herding and budget deficits. C) budget

    Applying Opportunity Cost

    After natural disasters, such as hurricanes, some commentators point to the "bright-side". It is, for example, often pointed out that natural disasters cause GDP for a region to spike upward during the post-disaster cleanup. As someone with an understanding of opportunity costs, if you were asked, what would be your economic

    Need help

    11. Assume that an increase in a household's disposable income from $40,000 to $48,000 leads to an increase in consumption from $35,000 to $41,000, then the: A) slope of the consumption schedule is .75. B) average propensity to consume is .75. C) marginal propensity to save is .20. D) marginal propensity to consume is

    Cost management and healthcare in the US

    Note: This is not a request to write the paper...only to give a substantive feedback based on accounting concepts relative to cost management and healthcare that I can build upon. I have included the requirements for the paper only as an FYI. Mandatory length for the paper is 8-10 pages so I need a substantive response that I

    Economics question

    Developing countries are often concerned that their terms of trade might deteriorate as economic growth occurs. In terms of the analysis of production and consumption effects of economic growth, other things equal, what type(s) of growth must occur and what type of country ("large" or "small") must a developing country be in ord

    Measuring Economic Health Memo

    Measuring Economic Health Memo Prepare a 350-700-word memo addressing the following: a. Describe the use of Gross Domestic Policy (GDP) to measure the business cycle. b. Describe the roles of government bodies that determine national fiscal policies. c. Explain the effects of fiscal policies on the economy's producti

    Forecast of GDP and PPI

    Compare and contrast at least two two-year forecasts from separate sources for real GDP and Producer Price Index Look for the differences among forecasts for each indicator and a rationalization for which forecasts are most accurate. My industry is household appliances. I am also trying to find where to look for how the househo

    Sales in Managerial Economics

    Problems Question One A machine cost $ 4,000. It lasts 2 years and has no scrap value (that is, it has no value at the end of those two years of use). In each year, it produces $ 2400 in income. Should the firm invest in the machine if the interest rate is 10%? Should the firm invest in the machine if the interest rate is 20%

    Two pros and cons of trade restrictions

    Trade restrictions have different effects on LDC's vs. IAC's. Discuss at least two pros and two cons of trade restrictions for LDC's and IAC's. Give specific examples in your answer.

    Economics indicator for starburcks

    Depth analysis of economics indicators in how they can impact Starbucks. Prime interest rate or federal funds. housing stars Auto Sales Foreign exchange rate producer price index oil and fuel prices arround 875 and 900 words

    Airline Economy Evaluation

    Can you please assist me in 1100 to 1500 words including references in APA format to the following: Include an evaluation of the impact of past and current budget deficits or surpluses on the U.S. economy and on the airline industry. In the paper be sure to include some final recommendations and strategic initiatives.

    Managerial economics

    Require assistance with an economic question During the management group meeting Thompson says, "having our won show rooms and sales force is the price of being in the game - without them our growth will be limited". (below) How would you interpret Thompson's "price" strictly from an economics standpoint? Read carefully the e

    Financial Perspective

    Please I need help with the following: Referring to the application of the Balanced Scorecard with a close look at the financial perspective and with an assessment of the use of the balanced scorecard in Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the premier advertising and "creative service" organizations (although they have certainly had th

    Positive vs normative statements

    Identify whether the following statements are positive or normative economic statements, and explain why you categorized them in that way. a. "The best way to improve the economic situation would be to decrease the unemployment rate by decreasing the interest rate." b. "The government increased taxes in order to decrease

    1.Productivity often rises during economic expansions and falls during economic recessions. Can you think of reasons why? Briefly explain. (Hint:Remember that the level of productivity involves both levels of output and levels of labor input.)

    1.Productivity often rises during economic expansions and falls during economic recessions. Can you think of reasons why? Briefly explain. (Hint:Remember that the level of productivity involves both levels of output and levels of labor input.) 2.Use the following data to calculate (a) the size of the labor force and (b) the o

    Technological Advance: Economic Growth

    True or false? Explain why. a.Technological advance, which to date has played a relatively small role in U.S. economic growth, is destined to play a more important role in the future. b.Many public capital goods are complementary to private capital goods. c.Immigration gas slowed economic growth in the United States.

    Impact on Price Levels

    1) You are being told that tax cuts for corporations are nothing but corporate welfare and they have little impact on economic growth. What would be your arguments to prove the opposite? 2) Put together two AD and AS curves graphs to show and explain how a) a "supply sider" would stimulate growth b) a "Keynesian" would sti

    Government Policies that have been created to impact economic growth

    The government uses policies like student loans and free trade to influence the economy's growth rate. In 600-1200 words, identify at least four policies that the US government has created to impact economic growth and productivity. In your paper, please also evaluate whether each item has enhanced or diminished your quality of

    Keynesian vs Supply-Side Economics

    Use the AD/AS model to illustrate the Reagan administration's plan for economic recovery during the 1980's and what were the results? Contrast the nature of Keynesian tax cuts under Kennedy and Supply-Side tax cuts under Reagan.

    Reason Nominal GDP is greater than the Real GDP

    Visit the Bureau of Economic Analysis Web site, http://www.bea.gov, and access the BEA interactively by selecting National Income and Product Account Tables. Select Frequently Requested NIPA Tables, and use Tables 1.1 and 1.2 to identify the GDP (nominal GDP) and real GDP for the past four quarters. Why was nominal GDP greater t

    Short Term Leaders Worry

    Need help answering questions, I am stuck. Each answers should be 2 paragrahs minimum. Please help, attached is the article. 1.Is it possible to do both? 2.Should a leader worry more about the short term (more consumption) or the long term (more savings)? With the holiday-shopping season approaching, many retailers, inv

    Economic Forecast 2009 - 2010

    Interpretation of article. What does the article say is the economic forecast for the US and Global economy for the years 2009-2010. Is the current recession over? What sectors of the economy are likely to expand or recover in the near future? What sectors may be the most vulnerable in the next year? Article: Economic Forecas

    Government bailouts

    Need help answering these discussion questions related to the article attached. Does not have to be long just a few paragraphs, I kind of do not know where to begin or end. Thanks, any help would be great!!! 1. If Mr. Reynolds is correct, will the bailout pull the US out of this crisis? 2. Do you agree with his table that