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Government policies to encourage economic growth

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The government uses policies like student loans and free trade to influence the economy's growth rate. In 600-1200 words, identify at least four policies that the US government has created to impact economic growth and productivity. In your paper, please also evaluate whether each item has enhanced or diminished your quality of life, and make any appropriate recommendations that might improve the policies. Be sure the polices you choose are main stream well known policies. Include reference in APA format.

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Recently the government has introduced many stimulus spending plans in hopes of reviving the economy. So you have many options from which to choose. I have found some references on some of the recent stimulus bills. I am not permitted to write your essay for you, but feel free to let me know if you still need assistance with any particular part of the assignment.

Cash for clunkers was a popular program that allowed people to trade in their current vehicles and receive up to $4500 credit towards the purchase of a new vehicle. This compelled many people who otherwise might not have been interested in new vehicles to purchase them. A good reference for the effect of this policy can be found here:
The article discusses how the program resulted in an increase in borrowing, since $4500 is not enough to purchase a new car without additional funds. This increase in consumer borrowing stimulates the economy through the money multiplier.

APA citation for this article would read:
Isidore, C. (2009, August 6). Cash for Clunkers: Real Stimulus. Retrieved December 5, 2009 from CNNMoney web site http://money.cnn.com/2009/08/06/news/companies/clunkers_economic_impact/index.htm

Another helpful program was a tax credit for new home buyers. New home buyers received tax credits up to $8,000 on their Federal taxes. This program helped to keep the real estate ...

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