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Economic Growth

Several Questions

1) What is meant by fiscal policy? 2) How does crowding out occur? 3) What is aggregate demand? 4) What is an automatic stabilizer? Name one. 5) Name three functions of money. 6) How does the reserve ratio set by the Federal Reserve affect the ability of banks to make loans? 7) Name the tools of the federal Reserve

Economics for Managers, MBA Program

Need help using economic theory and applying to real world situations and current events. I'm not as familiar with clustering in an economic aspect, moreso know from a marketing aspect.I am aware that firms are clustered according to their geography. The drug industry uses this a great deal, but others don't. Don't understand

Managerial Economics, MBA

The Internet boom of the late 1990s was hailed as the 4 advent of a "new economy: that would radically alter the face of business firms. By 2002, however, it was clear that the new economy had not arrived on schedule. With the advent of the Internet, digitization, and related innovations, what fundamental aspects of the econom

Finance Case Study: River Beverages' Budgeting Process

River Beverages is a food and soft-drink company with worldwide operations. The company is organized into five regional divisions with each vice president reporting directly to the CEO, Cindy Wilkins. Each vice president has an R&D department, controller, and three divisions; carbonated drinks, juices and water, and food product

Managerial Economics for Managers; MBA program

Suppose you observed an acquisition by diversifying firm and that the aftermath of the deal included plant closings, layoffs, and reduced compensation for some remaining workers in the acquired firm. What would you need to know about this acquisition to determine whether it would be best characterized by value creation or val

Economic Homework help

A software company earned 10 million this year. Suppose the growth rate of the software company and the interest rate are both constant and the software company will be business for years to come. Determine the the value of the software company when: 1. the interest rate is 10% and profits grow by 4% per year 2 the intere

Managerial Economics FOCUS

(See attached file for full problem description) --- 1. Consider the following short-run production function (where L = variable input, Q = output): Q = 6L2 - .4L3 a. Determine the marginal product function (MPL). b. Determine the average product function (APL). c. Find the value of L that maximizes Q. d. Find the v

Macro Economic Concepts

1. According to classical economics: a. markets will always be in equilibrium b. interest rates will fall whenever savings are greater than investment c. falling prices will lead to a reduction in unemployment d. price flexibility will bring about equilibrium in markets when interest rates do not fall enough to eliminate sur

New Era economists' roles

What economic and Structural elements do New Era economists add to current economic thinking? And What are the main effects and differences of short term economic policy management and long term management?

Concepts and Problems in Macroeconomics

I am trying to grasp the needs of both countries unemployment concerns What is the relationship between Japan and Korea's unemployment? What Trends do you see in the data set? Support your assertions of trends with statistical evidence. What data sets did you find?

Questions on Economic Theory

I need your HELP answering some questions from this article: It's Not the End Of the Oil Age Technology and Higher Prices Drive a Supply Buildup By Daniel Yergin Sunday, July 31, 200, Page B07 http;// These is the question: 1. Utilizi

I need help finding an INTERNET ARTICLE

I need your HELP finding an Internet article pertaining to a change in supply, demand, and pricing of a particular product or service. Can you HELP me summarize the article using the economic theories and can you help me explain why changes occured in SUPPLY, DEMAND, and PRICE. Can you help me by answering in paragraphs an


As we know, the value of the dollar depends on what determines the supply curve and demand curve on the foreign exchange markets, which obviously is linked to supply and demand for the underlying transactions (be sure not to get confused by the chicken and egg problem). By clealy identifying these transactions, who are the winne

The New Economy

1)Take a look at the Productivity Growth Rate over the last 20 years and over the last 5 years , and explain the macro-economic implications such as Potential GDP, GDP growth, inflation, etc. Explain the implications for the thresholds that economic policy makers look at, in particular the speed limit that the federal reserve pu

Federal Budget's effects

To reduce the federal deficit, the government would have to cut back on government purchase, transfer payments, and/or increase taxes. How does the federal deficit affect GDP and the multiplier? Would an attempt to reduce the budget deficit not increase it? Does today's deficit not create tomorrow's surplus?

Monetary and Fiscal Policy - Economic Conditions

Following is a problem that I have to solve: GDP growth is approximately 1.5% and has been at that level for two years. Inflation, as measured by both the CPI and GDP deflator has been at approximately 1-2% for the last two years. Unemployment has recently moved to 7.3%, up from 7% one year ago, and 6.5% two years ago. The

Economic Growth

Explain briefly the fundamental determinants of economic growth and development. According to you, which of these factors is more important? Why?

Automatic Stabilizers

Examine the contribution that automatic stabilizers play in creating a stable economy. Give examples of the automatic stabilizers and use them to illustrate their significance. Why is there an interest in using fiscal policy to stabilize the economy when the automatic stabilizers are available?

Economics discussion questions

1. When all people use economic reasoning, inefficiency is impossible, because if the benefit of reducing that inefficiency were greater than the cost, the inefficiency would be eliminated. Thus, if people use economic reasoning, it's impossible to be on the interior of a production possibility curve. Is this statement true or


Research the factors behind economic growth in Hong Kong and Singapore, the two factors that affect economic growth are capital deepening and technological progress. Which of these methods of encouraging growth would you suggest to a newly industrialized economy?

Inflation Implications Productivity Increased

1) As the economy grows and productivity increases, real wages tend to rise, on aggregate (assuming there is not excessive slack in the labour market, i.e jobless growth scenario recently seen in U.S.) 2) Real wage growth , over time, by definition factors in inflation. Inflation is measured by the average prices of a bundle

Costs of Price Adjustment, Called "Menu Costs"

1. What prices clear markets? 2. The basic Idea behaind the Solow model and its relationship with technological advance. What will add to capital stock and detract from it. 3. The long run Flexable price model 4. Problems that identify flexable and sticky price equalibria 5. what are the diferences between behavioral and equ


As an economy grows and productivity increases, real wages tend to rise - people get richer on aggregate. Real wage growth implies that people are able to purchase more of the goods that are in the basket of goods ( the basket that is taken to measure inflation). So they can buy more of these goods , or presumably other more exp

Technology/Productivity and Economic growth

I understand that technology helps to increase productivity , which in turn frees up resources - allowing interest rates to remain lower than otherwise possible. But i am not sure how increased productivity (assuming that is the main benefit of technological advances) drives economic growth. As i understand it economic growth n

Imports and factor prices

Since the mid 1980s Australia has been steadily reducing the level of protection on its imports. a) What are some of the models that predict the EFFECT that REDUCING PROTECTION OF IMPORTS will have on FACTOR PRICES? Briefly explain the effects shown by these models. Note: I am looking for at least 3 different models, unless t

Consider Keynesian Theory

Why didn't Keynesian theory provide successful solutions to the German economy where unemployment currently around 14%?