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    Economic Growth

    Intermediate Economics

    Please explain why after such unprecedented economic growth, technical advance, and expansion of the size and scope of government since the 1930's do economies still experience economic cycles and stagnation.

    International Trade

    1. "A rise in the dollar price of yen necessarily means a fall in the yen price of dollars." Do you agree? Illustrate and elaborate: "The critical thing about exchange rates is that they provide a direct link between the prices of goods and services produced in all trading nations of the world." Explain the purchasing-power-


    1. A country has a lower inflation rate than all growth. It has more rapid economic growth. The central bank does not intervene in the foreign exchange market. What can be said about each of the following (and why): a. The exchange rate? b. The current account balance? c. The expected exchange rate? d. The interest r

    International Econ - The Euro and Policy

    1. Terms of trade refers to? a. What goods are imported b. What goods are exported c. The volume of trade. d. The prices at which trade occurs. 2. The use of real GDP rather than nominal GDP allows us to? a. Measure the value of output in a given year at constant prices that have been adjusted for changes in inflat

    Macroeconomic Questions

    1. The time spent on job search rises when: a. unemployment compensation decreases b. unemployment compensation increases c. the efficiency wage rate is lowered d. more young people enter the labor force. 2. The productivity curve: a. has a positive slope b. has a negative slope

    Basic Trade Model for International Economics

    See attached file for full problem description. You can get information from the class homepage: http://www.stanford.edu/~rstaiger/Economics.165.htm Please solve the problem Consider two large countries, A and B. A imports good x and exports good y, while B imports good y and exports good x. (a) Using the Basic Tr

    Tariffs and International Trade notes

    1. "The United States can produce X more efficiently than can Great Britain. Yet we import X from Great Britain." Explain 2.Evaluate the following statements: a. The extensive application of protective tariffs destroys the ability of the international market system to allocate resources efficiently. b. In view of th

    Intermediate Economics

    Here is the problems: 1. Does the structure of the global economy allow poor countries to catch up with rich ones? Is the Solow model a useful framework for understanding whether poor countries tend to catch up with rich ones? How do Sachs and Rodrik differ regarding the policies that are most likely to promote catching up

    Macroeconomic Theory

    1. Suppose that an earthquake destroys part of the capital stock. Predict what will happen to (1) total production, (2) the real return to capital, and (3) the real wage. For simplicity, assume that the size of the population is unaffected. 2. Assume that GDP is 5000. Consumption is Investment is where is the real

    Housing and GDP

    New federal housing data shows that the nation's most overheated local housing markets make up such a large share of the total US market that a sharp fall in their value could stall or slow economic growth. If worst case is true, and a sharp fall in real estate values leads to a decline in GDP, assess: 1. how this situation w


    1. What factors have contributed to increased income inequality since 1969? 2. Should a nation's income be distributed to its members according to their contributions to the production of that total income or according to the member's needs? Should society attempt to equalize income or economic opportunities? Are the i

    Intermediate Macroeconomics

    1. Two economies, Hare and Tortoise, each start with a real GDP per person of $5000 in 1950. Real GDP per person grows 3% per year in Hare and 1% per year in Tortoise. In the year 2000, what will be real GDP per person in each economy? Make a guess first; then use a calculator to get the answer. 2. Over the past twenty y

    Printing Company Analysis

    Printing company 1. How does your organization go about estimating its sales? How does it estimate the demand for new products so that it can prepare a production run? 2. Which is more important for your organization: a. Lower cost, quality, customer expectations, or b. Some other feature? Why? 3. Is the market system t

    Economic problems faced by Brazil

    The assistance I need is a list of macro economic problems faced by Brazil over the past decade. Please note the following: Any point listed must be factually based and preferably referenced (that is, the point needs to be supported by facts)

    expected after tax returns

    A. In order for you to be indifferent between the after tax returns on a corporate bond paying 8.5% and a tax-exempt municipal bond paying 6.12%, what would your tax bracket need to be? b. What is the bond equivalent yield of a T-Bill that is selling for $9,453 and has 173 days remaining until maturity? 2) You purchased 10

    How the reserve requirement affects economic growth.

    Banks fail when all depositors try to withdraw money at the same time. One way to prevent this problem would be to require banks to hold 100% of deposits on hand. Why would this not be a desirable thing to do? What would happen to the banking system? What would you expect to see happen to the cost of a checking account if banks

    Trade deficit

    Your hometown newspaper needs someone to write an informative article on large scale economic issues. The reporter who spoke with you before thinks of you, welcomes you home, and requests another article. Click here to view a summary of disaggregated data drawn from information provided on the 2000 U.S. balance of payments which

    What are the four stages of the Business Cycle?

    2) What are the four stages of the Business Cycle? Compare and Contrast five internal and external Business Cycle theories. Prepare a diagram showing how the movement in any combination of the components of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) can lead to business cycles. What is the relationship between and among the U.S. nat

    Economics Questions

    Upon your return home, you receive an invitation to speak to a class at the local high school. You are to be part of a panel of three local people considered to have experience in international business. The question you are assigned to answer is "What are some obstacles to successful international economic policy coordinati

    Marcoeconomic Questions

    A. Why does borrowing short and lending long present a potential problem for banks? b. What are two effects that a government guarantee of financial institutions can have and why? c. After a major storm cash held by individuals has increased. Should the Fed buy or sell bonds and why? d. How does the distinction between nomina

    A brief history on Japan's economy

    A brief history on Japan's economy and a recent update on their economy utilizing. Utilizing information from www.economagic.com This doesn't need to be loaded with information just basic overview with some graphs, and some notes on the history of Japan's economy and their update.

    Fiscal policy and automatic stabilizers

    What are the problems with fiscal policy? What are automatic stabilizers? What are some examples? What are your thoughts about the limits of fiscal policy?