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    Economic problems faced by Brazil

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    The assistance I need is a list of macro economic problems faced by Brazil over the past decade.

    Please note the following:
    Any point listed must be factually based and preferably referenced (that is, the point needs to be supported by facts)

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    Brazil faces a dilemma because even moderate growth leads to substantial increase in demand for imports. This results in the need for devaluation of the real exchange rate to avoid a deterioration of the trade balance.
    For more on this, see "Growth, exchange rates and trade in Brazil: a structuralist post-Keynesian approach" by Nelson H. Barbosa Filho (http://www.face.ufmg.br/novaeconomia/sumarios/v14n2/140203.pdf).

    This situation has resulted in the following macroeconomic problems for Brazil over the last decade:
    1. Erratic foreign exchange markets:
    In ...

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