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    Economic Growth

    Competitive markets are scrutinized.

    Exercise 1 XYZ Corporation operates in a perfectly competitive market. Due to robust economic growth XYZ corporation made above normal profits. Taking into account the characteristics of this market, explain what will happen to ââ?¬¢ The number of firms in the market ââ?¬¢ The market supply curve ââ?¬¢ Th

    Mankiw's 10 principles of economics are reiterated.

    Go to this in-class Economics lecture by Dr. Yoram Bauman and write your thoughts on what he presented. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPUEgEdCTp8&feature=related Dr. Bauman answers this question - "What do we need governments for?" Give your answer.

    Production, Costs, and Profits

    Give a brief summary of economic costs (i.e. how are they different from accounting costs). In the short-run, why might a firm still operate even when there is a loss. Attached article...Maquiladoras: Impact on Texas Border Cities, How does this article apply the marginal decision rule to the problem of choosing the mix of

    The Millennium Development Goals are briefly discussed.

    The Millennuim Development Goals (MDGs)targets were to be acheived by 2015.A few will be met; many others will not. In either case despite great progress, poverty will remain a very serious ongoing concern. So what comes after 2015 to keep attention focussed on ending global poverty? The process of developing the MDGs and gainin

    four* functions of an economy.

    There are three answers which must be addressed by any economy. For each of the questions, I would like a criticism with how that question is answered in the U.S. (or any country in which you currently reside). Thanks for your help

    Economic growth

    What are 2-3 methods currently being used to encourage economic growth for the typical firm in Hong Kong and typical firm in Singapore? Which method of encouraging growth would one suggest for these typical companies in these 2 countries? Explain your rationale for your choice.

    Which school of economic thought rejects fiscal policy?

    What school of thought would make this suggestion, and how do economists of that school justify that prescription? "The Fed should simply increase the money supply at the same rate that the full employment economy grows, and the government should desist from any stabilizing urges."

    Question about Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

    You are asked to address a professional meeting and explain microeconomics, macroeconomics and their differences. Please answer the following questions: 1. What are the main differences between microeconomics and macroeconomics? Provide an example of a microeconomic and macroeconomic phenomenon. 2. Would you give an exam

    The law of diminishing returns and the business

    How would you estimate additional dollar cost of adding sales people? How is the expected net revenue generated by adding an additional salesperson given a company's past sales experience? How would these cost and revenue estimates be used to determine whether a sales force increase is warranted? For example a company current

    Consumption and Consumer spending

    1.What might trigger an abrupt decline in consumer spending? 2.Identify and list all factors that impact the level of consumption. 3.Choose one factor of consumption and describe what would be the impact on the whole economy if that factor of consumption had declined. 4.Find an article on decreased consumer spending,

    A Key Economic Indicator: the Money Supply

    Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, select a key economic indicator. Discuss how the indicator was created and its current value. What does this key indicator say about the current economic condition?

    Economic Development

    Given the major housing boom that contributed to economic growth in the US from 2003 through 2008, some of the revenues that local governments received were from development impact fees. Development impact fees are charges imposed on a developer to offset the additional costs of the new development that is imposed on society. Ne

    Discuss fiscal stimulus package

    While many thought that the 2008 fiscal stimulus plan described in the feature on pg. 174 was a good idea, some did not. Some even thought that Congress did not go far enough. In retrospect, who was right? Did the economy experience a recession in 2008 or 2009? What happened to employment during the rest of 2008? What are some o


    1. One of the major issues in macroeconomics is disagreement in the debate over policy activism versus policy rules. What exactly is that disagreement? Any implications? 2. The Japanese economy has been in and out of a recession for the past 22 years. Since 1989 the value of their main stock market index N 225 has declined b

    Financial Planning and Working Capitol Management

    1) Table 18.11 gives abbreviated balance sheets and income statements for Este Lauder Companies. Calculate the following ratios: a. Return on assets. b. Operating profit margin. c. Sales- to- assets ratio. d. Inventory turnover. e. Debt-equity ratio. f. Current ratio. g. Quick ratio 2) Look again at Table 18.1

    EIU Country Data

    As seen during the financial crisis of the 1930s and in recent history, markets are globally interconnected. Aside from financial markets, different countries have different resources. Choose a country other than the country in which you currently reside which has not already been selected by another student, and research the EI

    Consumer Behavior and Recession in the last Decade

    The discussion centers on how people or consumers would react during a period when a country's GDP growth rates are negative for two consecutive quarters. It specifically argues how the consumers would react during and after every recession.

    Ratio analysis

    I need help to analyze and compare Current ratio, Quick Ratio, Debt/equity ratio and Liab/equity ratio only.

    Foundations of Microeconomics

    You are asked to address a professional meeting and explain microeconomics, macroeconomics and their differences. Please answer the following questions: â?¢What are the main differences between microeconomics and macroeconomics? Provide an example of a microeconomic and macroeconomic phenomenon. â?¢Would you give an

    Key factors for economic recovery

    I need help with identifying five realistic and important factors that will contribute to a successful U.S. economic recovery (e.g. solid growth and job creation) over the next five years. The factors can be for instance: global, social, political but they must make a difference within five years. The analysis should also includ

    Current Economic Problems of the European Union (EU)

    I need a description of how the European Union got into its current economic problems (e.g. the bailout and others). How did they get into these problems, how serious are the problems and how will they realistically solve their problems. Also how will their problems affect the United States and the Global Economy. This should be

    Short run effects of foreign investment

    Suppose the U.S. economy begins in long-run equilibrium. Concerns about global climate change cause the government to significantly restrict the production of electricity form fossil fuels. Because of this change in policy, foreign investors lose confidence in the economy, and the dollar falls in foreign-exchange markets. D

    Overview of Managerial Decisions

    Need assistance with the 1 d , Question 2 , 4 and 5. 1. Don't answer this part [[Define scarcity and Opportunity cost. (a) Scarcity is the fundamental economic problem of having seemingly unlimited human needs and wants, in a world of limited resources. Resources are scarce we must decide what we want to consume and what we