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The Millennium Development Goals

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The Millennuim Development Goals (MDGs)targets were to be acheived by 2015.A few will be met; many others will not. In either case despite great progress, poverty will remain a very serious ongoing concern. So what comes after 2015 to keep attention focussed on ending global poverty? The process of developing the MDGs and gaining global agreement took a nearly decade. With a framework in place for initiating agreements, a successor for the MDG should require less time.
But only four years remain until a global MDG summit in 2015; the countdown to a new agreement may galvanize development assistance debates.
What do you think will happen and should happen- and why?

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What do you think will happen and should happen- and why?
When 2015 comes, I think that the Millennium Development Goals will not be achieved. The reason for this is that Millennium Development Goals require resources, motivation, and commitment from different countries. When these goals were set, especially those relating to ending global poverty, there was no ...

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