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    Find a small current issue in international politics

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    Need to find an issue to do with the international politics and develop a detailed outline for how to prove my position to be true.

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    International organizations and international politics
    I. Introduction
    A. What are international organizations: these are organizations that include members or representatives from different countries. They are mostly non-governmental organizations that either analyze countries' policies (e.g. Human Rights Watch) or offers help to solve countries' problems (e.g. UNICEF).
    B. Reasons why international organizations exist: globalization, environmental problems that are the outcome of more than one country, and world economy that is affected by what happens in any country.
    C. Thesis: areas that international organizations are active in are human rights, environment and education.
    II. First body paragraph
    Topic sentence: many international organizations create international ...

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    The expert finds the small current issues in international politics. A detailed outline for how to prove the position to be true is determined.