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The European Union and its Economic Problems

I need a description of how the European Union got into its current economic problems (e.g. the bailout and others). How did they get into these problems, how serious are the problems and how will they realistically solve their problems. Also how will their problems affect the United States and the Global Economy. This should be a detailed analysis with references.

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Before you tackle these questions, the first thing you may want to do is give a brief overview of the European Union. You may also want to look at how the European Union benefits its members, as well as look at a few of the disadvantages of being a member of the union. After all, these disadvantages as you will learn may be part of the reason for the current economic problems that the European Union is ...

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This solution first provides an overview of the European Union, along with the advantages and disadvantages of being a member. It outlines some of the problems being faced by the EU and speaks to the seriousness of these problems. The solution then tells how these problems impact the US and the global economy. Solution is adequately referenced.