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Economic guidance

Do larger Cities offer more employment opportunities than small towns of rural areas?

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From the perspective of the job finder the large cities offer more employment opportunities. The online job and resume banks provide a wide variety of jobs for a given qualification and skill sets. Finding jobs in cities lie Los Angeles, Washington D.C, and Chicago is far easier than before. It is the variety of jobs that these larger cities offer that cannot be matched by smaller cities.

Larger cities have a large number of employers. There are thousands of employers and each employer has hundreds of employees. These firms provide a large bouquet of opportunities for the job seeker in the cities.

Larger cities offer more jobs that smaller city because the larger cities have many fast growing firms that require more employees. Further, the larger cities are centers of economies and larger cities have the propensity to produce more jobs. The rule of more people, more jobs applies and this leads to larger job opportunities.

Larger cities have more employment opportunities because these are large, wealthy, and politically important. It growth in population leads to higher job opportunities. When there is growth there is increase in ...

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