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Article analysis

Please refer to attached word document and answer the following three questions:

1. Briefly describe the article. Why is this article interesting?

2. How does the article relate to the economic terms? (Choose 2 terms)

3. What are the future implications of this article and its effects on the economy?

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This article is taking a stance on the nature of the current financial crisis: that was brought about by a lack of government regulation. This is a contentious stance, any many people might take umbrage with it. For this reason, it gives you a lot of ammunition for your essay. You can discuss whether you think this opinion is justified, or if the free market is better off with less interference.

You could begin your essay with a brief overview of the article, and mention why you think it's important to the nation. This draws the reader in and makes him want to continue reading. The author believes that governmental regulation of the markets is something that must be done in moderation: neither too much, nor too little. Too much slows ...

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Analysis of article on government regulation of markets