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Interpretation of article. What does the article say is the economic forecast for the US and Global economy for the years 2009-2010. Is the current recession over? What sectors of the economy are likely to expand or recover in the near future? What sectors may be the most vulnerable in the next year?

Article: Economic Forecast 2009 - 2010: IMF Raises GDP Growth Expectations

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The article puts across points that are in broad conjunction with what most economists think. There are clear signs that the recession is bottoming out in most places around the world with emerging Asia actually kicking in with some very high growth rates. This has been the prime reason why the IMF and other world bodies have revised up the growth forecasts for 2010. What the article says that the bailouts and the stimulus packages are having an impact and that has been an important reason ...

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The current recession is emphasized in terms of an article summary.

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