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    Data presented, interpretation, variables, limitations

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    Analyze the attached articles and compare them in terms of the following questions:

    What comprises the data presented in each article?

    How are the data presented and interpreted?

    Are the data summarized only, or does the article include appendices or tables that present the data for the readerâ??s own interpretation?

    Are there other ways that the data could be interpreted?

    Are there other variables or factors that appear to have been excluded from consideration?

    Is the argumentation sound and convincing?

    Does each article include limitations of the study or approach?

    Does each put the findings into a larger context in terms of current and future research?

    Are the implications of the article presented in terms of research, practice, or both?

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    What comprises the data presented in each article?

    In article 5: The data for table 1 is the number of American managerial leaders and Chinese workers in the 5 McDonald's used for data gathering. It is a very simplistic table.
    This was a review of texts on managing diversity. It was more an explanatory review than an empirically produced presentation.

    How are the data presented and interpreted?

    In article 5:In a simple table with the study variables of American Managers and Chinese leaders as the dependent variables and the number of each, the average age, average working years, education levels, and gender ...

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