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Conservation and Restoration

Biodiversity Museum Exhibit presentation

Congratulations! You have been hired by the largest natural history museum in the world (Miller, 2005). Your first responsibility will be to design an exhibit that emphasizes the importance of biodiversity. The exhibit should focus on the region you have chosen for your final project, which is the Tropical rainforest of Brazil,

The three "R's"

Ways to improve upon the amount of waste we generate involves the three "R's". Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 1. What are some things you can do in your own home and daily lives that could be considered part of the three R's? 2. Does your state have regulations on recycling? How easy is it for you to recycle item

Amazonian Environmental

In the Amazon Region identify at least two serious environmental problems, such as soil degradation, air or water pollution, pesticide misuse, overpopulation, wildlife extinction or threatened biodiversity, and deforestation, that impact this region. What seem to be the root causes of these problems? ? Determine what strategies

Views of Deep Ecologists

1) How do Deep Ecologists view individuals and their role in the environment? What are the ethical implications of this view? 2) Are all humans equally responsible for environmental problems? If so, why? If not, who bears more responsibility and why?

Preservation, Conservation, and Land Ethics

1) Differentiate between the preservation ethic and the conservation ethic. With which ethic do you identify the most?preservation or conservation? Why? 2) Consider a forest or another natural resource in your region or in the area where you grew up. Give an example of a situation in which you may adopt a conservation ethic a

What are the socio-cultural impacts of tourism are on the environment.

I am currently studying the socio-cultural impacts of tourism on the environment. I understand the impacts that are placed on a community- both positive and negative however I am having trouble separating some of these conflict into what the positive and negative socio-cultural impacts are on our environment. The issue I need he

Sustainable development

With regards to conservation, environment, and tourism I could use some understanding on the following questions. In what was is "sustainability" simply a new name for an old issue? In what ways is "sustainability " something new and different? Sustainable means to conserve, development, means to develop conservation stan

Taking Cattle to the Bank

Taking Cattle to the Bank More than a century ago, western rangelands in New Mexico consisted of occasional trees widely interspersed with open areas of grasses. Over-grazing and fire suppression have changed much of the western landscape from the native grasses that grew so prolifically to forests thick with trees and woody

Compare and contrast the practices of preservation and conservation

Compare and contrast the practices of preservation and conservation as they relate to the maintenance of ecosystems. Discuss the concept of "natural regulation." Use examples of these practices from your local area (e.g., natural swings in sizes of animal populations, natural occurrence of grassland and forest fires, and natural

Predictions on the future use of our depleting natural resources

1) Could someone please explain to me the predictions on the future use of our depleting natural resources. What actions do you personally take to conserve the Earth's natural resources? If you do not currently take action, explain what you could do within the next year that would help conserve natural resources. 2) In what w

Conservationalist methods are discussed.

In many countries, conservationalists are trying to design national park systems so that "islands" of natural area (the big parks) are connected by thin "corridors" of undisturbed habitat. The ideas is that this arrangement will allow animals and plants to migrate between refuges. Why would such migration be important?

The goods and services performed by natural ecosystems...

The goods and services performed by natural ecosystems are essential to human survival. What is their overall value, and of what significance is it to measure this value? I need a very detailed list, explanations, and references.