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Sustainable development

With regards to conservation, environment, and tourism I could use some understanding on the following questions.

In what was is "sustainability" simply a new name for an old issue?
In what ways is "sustainability " something new and different?

Sustainable means to conserve, development, means to develop conservation stands for development

The concept of sustainable development has been around for a few decades. The basic definition is using resources to meet the needs of society while ensuring their ability to meet needs of the future.

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Sustainability could be considered as just another way of conserving resources. Resource conservation has been a consideration for civilizations since their beginning. Many have fallen because of over-use. Certainly, if we use only as many resources as the earth can generate over the course of our lifetimes, our civilization is sustainable.

On the other hand, many of the approaches that sustainable development takes to the problem of resource conservation are new. Instead of just turning down the thermostat, sustainable development advocates designs that heat themselves. Instead of asking people to take public transportation, sustainable development works to ...