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    What should be done to make sustainable development a reality?

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    You are a demographer, a person who studies population patterns. Like most demographers, you are well aware of the growth of the human population in the last century. In 1900, the earth had a population of about one and a half billion people. By 2000, earth's population had quadrupled to six billion people. Most of these people live in the developing world.

    One of your responsibilities is to help educate the public about the consequences of over-population. People don't understand much about demographics, so part of your job is to put your findings into language that lay people can understand. Sometimes you are asked to give speeches to business and environmental organizations. For example, next week you are scheduled to deliver an address on sustainable development to the annual meeting of Citizens for a Greener Planet.

    In 1922, the futurist H.G. Wells predicted that human survival would depend on "the race between education and catastrophe." Wells was speaking about mankind's ability to pervert science in ways that might cause the destruction of the planet. He might have just as well been speaking about the potential of mankind to over-exploit the Earth to the point where too many people will be left competing for too few resources. It is an important part of your job to alert the public to the consequences of the population explosion, of which climate change, air and water pollution, the destruction of forests and wilderness areas, and the loss of biodiversity are the most frequently mentioned. You know that these consequences can be averted if humankind has the wisdom to maintain the balance between its needs and the resources that are available to sustain them

    Details: You have been asked to prepare a speech for the annual convention of Citizens for a Greener Planet, a national environmental group, on the idea of sustainable development. Since many of your listeners are not scientists, you want to use examples that lay people can understand. You have decided to illustrate the concept by discussing the social factors that brought about the collapse of the Easter Island civilization. You then intend to compare these events to the on-going deforestation of the Amazon rain forest. Conclude the speech by explaining what should be done to make sustainable development a reality.

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    //Before writing about the 'Concept of Sustainable Development', it is essential to have knowledge about the individual project. One should know about the key topic that is to be discussed, which further will assist in analyzing the main concept in an effective manner.//


    The individual project is associated with the speech for the yearly seminar of citizens for a national environmental group by the name Greener Planet, and it is based on the idea of upholding development. As a demographer, my job is to study the patterns of population. It is my responsibility to make people aware about the consequences of over population and to provide them with complete knowledge. People should have proper understanding of the term demographics. I have discussed the social factors that resulted in the destruction of the Easter Island civilization, in order to exemplify the concept of a greener planet.

    The topic on which I have to communicate is the idea of sustainable development. I would try to use easy vocabulary and simple terms, so that everybody sitting in the conference room would be able to understand. I would begin by defining the meaning of sustainable development. It is a socio-ecological process that is distinguished by fulfilling human needs while maintaining the quality of the natural environment. In the year 1980, the association between environment and development was globally recognized (Sustainable Development Concept). A number of efforts have been commenced by the government and the non-government agencies on this front as they are working towards ...

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