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Five SQL queries explained

4.1) Consider the insurance database below, where the primary keys are underlines. Construct the following SQL queries for this relational database. INSURANCE DATABASE Person ( ss#, name, address) Car (license, year, model) Accident (data, driver, damage - amount) Owns (ss#, license) Log (license, date, driver) I


I tried posting this question once already and I paid pretty much for nothing! This has to be done in MS SQL. Using SQL coding, create two tables using the following fields: (Note: Supply the SQL Server data types when creating the tables. Apply the primary keys to the tables.)Create database and two tables (Employee & Job

Movie Rental Database - Part-2 This is the second part of the Movie Rental Database set of questions answered using Oracle. The set of queries primarily deals with triggers and exception handling.

Submit all of your codes, Oracle responses, and listing of your testing session in a single text or Microsoft Word document. please see attached file Now that business is becoming strong and the movie stock is growing for More Movie Rentals, the manager wants to do more inventory evaluations. One item of interest concerns

SQL Database

Ramesh, I'm having trouble with my coding. Could you please look over my SQL Statement. Also I'm unsure how to use the GROUP Coding. Instructions are down below and PLEASE USE SQL SERVER 2008 Use the database and tables from last week's assignment to write SQL queries using Between, Like, and Union: - Write a SQL query tha

Writing SQL Queries Using a Database and Tables

Write SQL queries (SELECT statements) using BETWEEN, LIKE, UNION, and GROUP. Using the database and tables (see attachment) write SQL INSERT statements to insert records into the employee table for the workers identified in the Employee Files for the administrative offices and the Del Mar location. Check your results by selec

SQL Accounting Database

PLEASE USE SQL 2008 ATTACHED FOR ALL SQL DATABASE CREATION Design an SQL database that contains the fields found in the company's Chart of Accounts. Add a balance field to the database. Create a query that will display all of the fields of the database and run a report totaling the balance field using test data added to the d

Creating a databse using Microsoft SQL Server

Using Microsoft SQL Server CREATE DATABASE, CREATE TABLE, and SQL INSERT statements. Use the CREATE DATABASE statement to create a SQL Server database for Kudler Fine Foods. In the Kudler Fine Foods Database, use the CREATE TABLE statement to create the following two tables with the fields identified below: Note: Spe

Write SQL queries using BETWEEN, LIKE and UNION

Using the database and tables from the attached file, write SQL queries using BETWEEN, LIKE and UNION: Write a SQL query that joins two tables in the example database and uses BETWEEN to restrict record selection. (Use salary to restrict the data.) Write a SQL query that joins two tables in the example database and uses B

SQL Code - Working with Additional Database Objects

See attached. Please show both the SQL code and results. Working with Additional Database Objects Deliverables: • SQL code and the results (7 queries and 1 explanation in it). 1. Create a simple view named CUST_VIEW using the book_customer table that will display the customer number, first and last name, and t

SQL Statement for Grades

See the attached file. 8. Consider the following tables: Customers CustomerID LastName FirstName State 1 Cohen Mike CO 2 Highley Michelle MI 3 Cohen Margot MI Orders OrderID CustomerID Ordered_Item D

Database Request for Product ABC

Suppose that you are a manufacturer of product ABC, which is composed of parts A, B, and C. Each time a new product is created, it must be added to the product inventory, using the PROD_QOH in a table named PRODUCT. And each time the product ABC is created, the parts inventory, using PART_QOH in a table named PART, must be reduc

SQL statements and query

(3.7) Write a SQL query that uses UNION of the two tables. Be creative. Using the updated database, write the following queries using the SQL GROUP BY statement and appropriate aggregate statements (when needed): (3.8) Write a SQL query that displays the average salary / hourly wage grouped by job_title. (3.9) Write a

A detailed example of a SQL select statement using GROUP BY

The schema of the DB is as follows: Department(DeptNum, Descrip, Instname, DeptName, State, Postcode) Academic(AcNum, *DeptNum, FamName, GiveName, Initials, Title) Paper(PaNum, Title) Author(*PaNum, *AcNum) Field(FieldNum, ID, Title) Interest(*FieldNum, *AcNum, Descrip) Question 6: Which fields have interests share

Database - Privacy - Internet

I need assistance in preparing an essay of 600 words with referencing please. Problem details: There is much concern about a person's privacy as the Internet captures increasingly more information about users. The CEO of Sun recently was quoted as saying, "Privacy? You have lost it now get over it!" (or there's a saying "On t

SQL Statements for Library Database

E. Given the database schema on the relations as follows: LIBRARY(LNO, LNAME, LOCATION) AUTHOR(ANO, ANAME) BOOK(BNO, TITLE, ANO) COPY(CNO, LNO, BNO) PATRON(PNO, PNAME, ADDRESS) LOAN(LOANNO, PNO, CNO) LNO - Library Number LNAME - Library Name ANO - Author Number BNO - Book Number CNO - Copy Number PNO - Patron Num

Writing SQL statements

I'm not grasping the full concept of these problems, I've completed most successfully. I've tried to get them, but I am have a hard time reworking these. (This is the table referenced for the following questions) INVENTORY (SKU, Description, QuantityOnHand, QuantityOnOrder, Warehouse) 1. Write a SQL statement to displ

SQL tools vs. Access tools & Data Quality

1. One of the purposes of database tools is to ensure the quality of the Data. What are some trends in Data Quality management that vendors need to pay attention to? 2. Compare the tools that are available for products like SQL Server with what is available in a single user Database such as Access.

create views using SQL scripts

Using the ITD410_P1 database attached, I need to write scripts in a file called ITD410_P3.SQL to create the following views. I must have a uses clause at the top of the script file to use the ITD410_P1 database. Also include code that checks if the view already exists. If it does, I am supposed to drop it and recreate it. The

Outer Join

I have attached a Word document defining the dbo.Orders and dbo.Employees tables (Northwind database). The needed query is: List the EmployeeID, LastName, and FirstName of all employees who did not take an order between March 1 and March 7, 1997. USe an outer join. You must include the condition on OrderDate in the ON clause o


Hi, See attached file for assignment problems. Thank you DDL and DML 1. For emp table, set the constraint that Hiredate is later than Jan. 1, 1980. 2. Modify Dept table so that dname column can contain up to 20 characters. 3. Define ProdId+StartDate as the primary key for Price table. 4. Insert this row of

Query Statement for to query DATA

Use only one SQL statement for each task. Submit the SQL statement(s) that you would use to accomplish each task. 1.Find all employees whose name starts with either an S, s, A, a, T, or t. List all information about each employee in the output. (Though our table does not contain lower cases, your SQL should work even if ther

Relational Database Management Systems

Using the Internet, research two of four commercial relational database management systems listed below: Oracle 9i DB2 Universal Database (IBM) SQL Server 2000 (Microsoft) Sybase Adaptive Server IQ Multiplex. In 2 to 3 paragraphs, compare and contrast the features of both and choose which one you would use for your


The purpose of this 3 page paper is to discuss JDBC with interfacing to ODBC. JDBC is a Java API (Application Programming Interface) that documents a standard framework for dealing with tabular and, generally, relational data A database is essentially a smart container for tables. A table is a container compris

Choosing/Designing a Database

You have been tasked to design a database system to store all of the relevant information for a student alumni association for a large university. Which database product would you choose and what design considerations would you examine to arrive at that decision?

SQL/MS Access Problem

Using Microsoft Sql*server 2000/2005 or MS Access, create and link the tables for the inventory model from the attached inventory systems file.