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    SQL Command to Add MATH SCOPE to the STUDENT Table

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    1. Write the SQL command to add MATH SCOPE to the STUDENT table.

    2. Write the SQL command to add SUBJECT to TUTOR. The only values allowed for SUBJECT will be "Reading", "Math", and "ESL".

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    1. The proper SQL command for inserting a column into a table is:

    ALTER TABLE [table_name]
    ADD [col_name] [datatype];

    For the first SQL command, the [col_name] we want to add is MATH_SCOPE and the [table_name] is STUDENT. Here, I assume the datatype for MATH_SCOPE will be varchar(20), this represent a variable length string. Although, this datatype may be different for you ...

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    Provides steps necessary to add MATH SCOPE to the STUDENT table.