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Creating Tables with SQL Server

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I tried posting this question once already and I paid pretty much for nothing! This has to be done in MS SQL.
Using SQL coding, create two tables using the following fields:

(Note: Supply the SQL Server data types when creating the tables. Apply the primary keys to the tables.)Create database and two tables (Employee & Job_Title). Both of these tables should have primary and/or foreign keys in them.

§ Employee Table

· Social_security_number (you will need to create your own SS#s)

· Last_name

· First_name

· Address

· City

· State_Code

· Zip_code

· Telephone_area_code

· Telephone_number

· Email_address

· Job_ID

· Hire_date


· Salary

§ Job_title Table

· Job_classification

· Job_title

· Exempt_status

· Salary_Low

· Salary_High

· JobID

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