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    Creating Kudler Fine Foods tables

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    please use SQL server 2008 to create the database, below is the URL or website for the Kudler Fine Foods.


    Individual Assignment: Table Creation

    ? Create an SQL server database for the Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization.
    ? Create the following tables using fields listed below.
    ? Note. Use SQL server data types when creating the columns. In the Employee table, create an Employee ID field that generates a unique number for each employee and designate the field as the Primary Key. In the Job Title table, utilize a listed field as the table's primary key or create an additional field (JobTitleID) to use as the primary key. The primary key from the Job Title table appears as the foreign key in the Employee table.
    ? Table Employee
    o Employee ID
    o Last name
    o First name
    o Address
    o City
    o State
    o Telephone area code
    o Telephone number
    o Employer Information Report (EEO-1) classification
    o Hire date
    o Salary
    o Gender
    o Age
    o Foreign key from Job Title table
    ? Table Job title
    o JobTitleID
    o EEO-1 classification
    o Job title
    o Job description
    o Exempt/non-exempt status
    ? Create SQL INSERT statement to insert the Human Resources department records. Please go to the information in the Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization, and Use information found in the Employee Files for the La Jolla and Encinitas stores. Enter records into the Employee table for the following employees:
    o Glenn Edelman
    o Eric McMullen
    o Raj Slentz
    o Erin Broun
    o Donald Carpenter
    o David Esquivez
    o Nancy Sharp
    ? Use the Job classifications and descriptions information to enter records into the Job Title table for the following titles:
    o Accounting clerk
    o Assistant manager
    o Bagger
    o Cashier
    o Computer support specialist
    o Director of finance and accounting
    o Retail assistant bakery and pastry
    o Retail assistant butchers and seafood specialists
    o Stocker
    ? Check results by selecting all columns from both tables. Non-exempt employees at Kudler Fine Foods are paid an hourly wage and must track their working hours.

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    Two things:

    1] It doesn't make sense that EEO classification is in both tables. I went ahead and added it, but in real life I would double-check that design

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