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Creating Tables Using SQL Server

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Complete the following tasks:
1. Download and install SQL Server 2008, Express Edition.
o Refer to Appendix A of the textbook.
2. Open and run the attached script to create the Northwind database.
o To download the script, click here.
3. Create the following tables in the Northwind database:
o Regions table
Column Name Datatype Primary Key (Y/N) Nullable (Y/N)
RegionID Integer Y N
RegionDescription Character (50) N N
o Departments table
Column Name Datatype Primary Key (Y/N) Nullable (Y/N)
DepartmentID Integer Y N
DepartmentDescription Character (50) N N
4. Insert the following data into the 2 tables:
o Regions table
1 Eastern
2 Western
3 Northern
4 Southern
o Departments table
10 CEO
20 Sales
30 Marketing
5. Alter the Employees table, and add a column:
o Employees table
Column Name Datatype Primary Key (Y/N) Nullable (Y/N)
DepartmentID Integer N Y
6. Alter the Employee table to establish a foreign key between Employees and Departments.
o Employees.DepartmentID references Departments.DepartmentID
7. Alter the Territories table to establish a foreign key between Territories and Regions.
o Territories.RegionID references Regions.RegionID
8. Update the data in the Employees table so that employees with the following managers are listed as working in the following departments:
ReportsTo Department
Andrew Fuller Sales
Steven Buchanan Marketing
All Others CEO
Submit the SQL, DDL, and DML scripts needed to complete tasks 2-8 and a database diagram of the final database.

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