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SQL Command

Use SQL to compete the following: What is the lowest book price in the database? For example, this is what the database should look like: (See attached file) This database has 34 books with prices starting from 25.50 to 5.99. This is what I have so far but it isn't working: SELECT TITLE FROM BOOK WHERE SELECT MIN(

SQL Commands

Use SQL to complete the following: For each type of book, list the type and the average price. There are several BOOKs in each type. See attachement file for details. This is what I was doing in MYSQL but it isn't working and any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I keep getting error messages. This is definit

SQL Command

Find the name of each publisher containing the word "and". (Hint: Be sure that your query selects only those publishers that contain the word "and" and not those that contain the letters "and" in the middle of a word. For example, your querry should select the publisher named "Farrar and Giroux," but should not select the publi