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    Create a view and SQL statement

    Assume that FiredUp has created a database with the following tables: CUSTOMER (CustomerSK, Name, Phone, EmailAddress) STOVE (SerialNumber, Type, Version, DateOfManufacture) REGISTRATION (CustomerSK, SerialNumber, Date) STOVE_REPAIR (RepairInvoiceNumber, SerialNumber, Date, Description, TotalCost, TotalPaid, CustomerSK)

    SQL Keyword SELECT

    Use the attached tables (General Sales Database) to answer A. and B. A. Explain the use of the of SQL keyword SELECT. Include an example based on the CUSTOMER table in the General Sales database. B. Explain the use of the GROUP BY keyword. Include an example based on the CUSTOMER table from the General Sales database.

    Choosing/Designing a Database

    You have been tasked to design a database system to store all of the relevant information for a student alumni association for a large university. Which database product would you choose and what design considerations would you examine to arrive at that decision?

    SQL/MS Access Problem

    Using Microsoft Sql*server 2000/2005 or MS Access, create and link the tables for the inventory model from the attached inventory systems file.

    Systems Analyst

    1. As a System Analyst, after you gathered systems requirement, how are you going to analyze these data? Are you starting with business process first or start with data directly? Explain each approach and why or why not? 2. Once the data analysis is complete, how are you going to start with design portion? What kind of tools

    Differences between ROLAP and MOLAP

    Please help with the following problem. What is the difference between ROLAP and MOLAP? This web site should help: http://www.dmreview.com/article_sub.cfm?articleId=1330

    Questions 1-7 answers provided need SQL's for each.

    With the file attached please answer in SQL form the following. Thanks... 1. Which employees (by name) have degrees? (the "answer" is Smith, Johnson and Williams) SELECT at least the employee first and last names - SELECT other columns you think would be meaningful. HINT: do a JOIN between the employees and degrees t

    Write sql for access database

    Using the week 2 attachment database attached here with this posting, I need to come up with the proper SQL to answer these six questions which are within the word document: I suppose each of the visuals is the actual answer and I need the SQL for each?

    SQL Database Columns

    If you have TABLE A with these columns (I put the data type in parenthesis, they are not actually part of the table name): LAST_NAME(TEXT), FIRST_NAME(TEXT), MIDDLE_NAME(TEXT), DATE_OF_BIRTH(DATE), and TABLE B with these columns: LAST_NAME(TEXT), FIRST_NAME(TEXT), MIDDLE_NAME(TEXT), DATE_O

    Database Coding

    1. Using the order_lines table from the database from lecture 2, write the SQL that will give the Min and Max values of the column "cost_each" 2. Using the week 2 homework database, show each customer number and count the instances of each customer_numb in the table orders. Hint: follow this pattern (where the words TAB

    SQL Server Database for Kudler Fine Foods/Service

    Create the following two tables using the following fields: Note: Supply the appropriate SQL Server data types when creating the tables. In the Employee table, create an Employee ID field that will generate a unique number for each employee and designate the field as the Primary Key. In the Job Title table, you will need to

    Running a Query

    Why wont this query run and how would you write it correctly? Major hint: try and run the query (use the database attached to Week 2's lecture) ... you'll get an error message that should explain: SELECT isbn FROM books INNER JOIN order_lines ON books.isbn = order_lines.isbn;

    SQL Database Design

    Use SQL Management Studio to create a database called ITD410_P1.MDF. Be sure to store the database in a location you will remember. Add the tables and data shown below to the database. Use appropriate field types and lengths. Be sure to detach your database and create a zip file called ITD410_P1.ZIP with your database and the

    ACCESS 2000

    (Note: cut and paste the SQL answers for questions 1 and 2 into a word document. 1. Write the SELECT FROM WHERE code that will select the row from the authors table in the attached WEEK1_Q1_Q2_ACCESS2000 database that has "twain, mark" NOTE: You can use: SELECT *

    Queries in Access

    I notice when writing queries that Access will add in a semicolon at the end of my query. Its just one of those Access things right? We don't have to remember to write the semicolon, as Access adds it in for us correct. The only time this is significant to know is in a situation like this - in a UNION query We may end up cu

    SQL 2005 stored procedures, sub query and join general question.

    1. Stored procedures in SQL 2005 can be written in a variety of languages. Why is this important in the development of database systems? Provide an example of a stored procedure that a database designer might write to demonstrate why this capability is important. Please include references. 2. Which is better to use, a sub

    Using SQL Management Studio

    Use SQL Management Studio to create a database called ITD640_P1.MDF. Add the tables and data shown below to the database. Use the appropriate field types and lengths for the tables. See attached file for full problem description.

    Oracle Deletion of Fields

    Question: Does this statement still hold true? Does Oracle not allow the deletion of fields and if so, how do you handle this? If so why? Seems like not having this ability would make modifications of a database more challenging. Also... the same question, "For example, some systems, including Oracle, do not allow you to red

    Cyber security for the typical Windows XP system

    This question is for a job interview. A paper must be written that addresses cyber security for the typical Windows XP system to include the most significant current vulnerabilities in windows systems and measures that can be taken by the desktop support people.

    data manipulation capabilities

    What are the data manipulation capabilities found in SQL Server 2005? Examine the broad range of data manipulation features and provide a summary.

    SQL Statements To Run In SQl Server

    Write SQL queries using Between, Like and Union: ? Write a SQL query that joins two tables in the example database and uses BETWEEN to restrict record selection. (Use salary to restrict the data.) ? Write a SQL query that joins two tables in the example database and uses BETWEEN to restrict record selection. (U

    Writing a Query

    5. Looking at Figure 5-11, write the SQL command to add a new redo log group with two members that are 250 kilobytes in size and match the distribution of the other two groups. Then write a query to confirm that the changes have taken effect by displaying the status of every redo log member and its group association and loca

    Problems Involving Oracle9i Database

    2. Create SQL script that completes the following task successfully. 1. Create a locally-managed tablespace named HANDS_62 with one 10 M OMF datafile in the directory name of your choice. 2. Add another 25 M datafile (OMF) to the tablespace. 3. Query the Data Dictionary, and display the total available space in the tablespac

    Oracle9i Password Classmates

    A. Change the password of the CLASSMATE user to STUDENT using the console. Test your change by connecting to CLASSMATE in the SQL*Plus worksheet. Explain what tool you used to change the password. Save your explanation in a file. b. Change the password of the CLASSMATE user back to CLASSPASS using the SQL*Plus worksheet. Sa

    Address Payments in a Database

    Start Access, and then open the FirmPays database located in the le4 folder of the zip file. Open the query named "June 2". View the query in SQL, and answer the following questions: 1. Which tables are used in the query? 2. Which fields are displayed in the query results 3. What type of join is used between the tables

    SQL SERVER 2000

    The objective of this assignment to is create multiple backups of databases and then to restore the databases from the backups you've created. It is essential that you take screen shots and give explanations of the steps performed for each the steps, so that your instructor can see the process and choices you've made along th

    SQL Replication

    This project will challenge you to set up replication on your SQL Server installation. Every step to complete this process is not laid out for you here. Complete the steps and document your choices throughout the process with screen shots and explanations. 1.Begin by enabling your SQL Server 2000 installation for replication