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SQL problem in attach doc

MS SQL SERVER 2003 Problem 1 Write SQL queries 1. Write a SQL query that joins Customer and Store table in the Kudler database and uses BETWEEN to restrict record selection (use Store Name to restrict the data). 2. Write a SQL query that Customer and Store table in the Kudler database and uses LIKE to restrict record selec

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Problem

Please help with the following problem involving programming languages. I am using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 1. Using the database and tables in the attached doc, write Microsoft SQL statements and enter ten more records into the employee table. Check the results by selecting all of the columns from both of your tables


Describe the issues that arise from concurrency. What are the main concerns when multiple users have access to the same data? How does a DBMS handle these situations? What is locking? How is it resolved?

SQL Commands

See attach file for data and details. Use SQL to make the following changes to the Premiere Products database. After each change, execute an appropriate query to show that the change was made correctly. 1. Use the following information to create a new table named NON_SP_GOOD.*see attachment* 2. Insert into the NON_SP_

Question about SQL Commands

See attach file for charts and data. Use SQL, and the Premiere Products database (see Figure 1.2) to complete the following exercises. 1. For each order placed on October 20, 2003, list the order number along with the number and name of the customer that placed the order. 2. Use the IN operator to find the number and

Formation of SQL Queries and Displaying Data In Views

See attach file for details and charts. 1. Define a view named CustOrder. It consists of the customer number, name, balance, order number, and order date for all orders currently on file. Explain how you would use SQL to obtain the desired results. Display the data in the view. 2. Create a view named OrdTot. It consis

SQL Command

Use SQL to compete the following: What is the lowest book price in the database? For example, this is what the database should look like: (See attached file) This database has 34 books with prices starting from 25.50 to 5.99. This is what I have so far but it isn't working: SELECT TITLE FROM BOOK WHERE SELECT MIN(

SQL Commands

Use SQL to complete the following: For each type of book, list the type and the average price. There are several BOOKs in each type. See attachement file for details. This is what I was doing in MYSQL but it isn't working and any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I keep getting error messages. This is definit

SQL Command

Find the name of each publisher containing the word "and". (Hint: Be sure that your query selects only those publishers that contain the word "and" and not those that contain the letters "and" in the middle of a word. For example, your querry should select the publisher named "Farrar and Giroux," but should not select the publi