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    Oracle Deletion of Fields

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    Question: Does this statement still hold true? Does Oracle not allow the deletion of fields and if so, how do you handle this? If so why? Seems like not having this ability would make modifications of a database more challenging.

    Also... the same question, "For example, some systems, including Oracle, do not allow you to reduce the size of a field or to change its data type."

    Have these particular barriers, for lack of a better word, ever discouraged your opinion of Oracle?

    My guess would be that Oracle does not allow these features because an admin could do great harm to the database if they do not know what the results of these actions would be.


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    Does Oracle not allow the deletion of fields and if so, how do you handle this?

    You can delete a column from Oracle table thru SQL commands.

    If you are using Oracle 8i, you can drop column from a table.
    use following command.

    alter table table_name
    drop column column_name

    For example:
    alter table emp
    drop column basic ;

    Note that this works only in Oracle 8i; otherwise you have to copy the original table into a new table without the column you want to get rid of while carefully first deleting various Constraints from the original Table and building them back in the new Table. I have given an example below of how to do ...

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    The solution discusses if the Oracle does not allow the deletion of fields, and how to handle this if so.