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    SQL Scripts for Data Manipulation

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    I do not understand how to provide scripts that would build tables, insert data and query data from tables. Please get me started with this and I will add the data if someone can get me in the right direction. Our instruction states, "Bypass the Oracle Database requirement and only provide
    scripts that simulate the activity required by the assignment.  Hopefully this will eliminate the frustration typically encountered with trying to gain
    access to the Oracle database.   If you elect this option, you should provide the scripts that you "would" execute to build your tables, insert the data, and query data from the tables."

    Also this is project 2 of our assignment. To give you an idea of this assignment, attached is project one which I have completed several weeks ago.

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    I believe what you are looking for are SQL scripts that would do the building of table, inserting of data and querying of data. These scripts are simple text files and are usually saved with the extension .sql. See my examples below of scripts that do those three things.

    Create Table - This script would create a table called ...