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create views using SQL scripts

Using the ITD410_P1 database attached, I need to write scripts in a file called ITD410_P3.SQL to create the following views. I must have a uses clause at the top of the script file to use the ITD410_P1 database. Also include code that checks if the view already exists. If it does, I am supposed to drop it and recreate it.

Then, I have to:

Create a view named v_Subscribers showing the subscriber ID, magazine ID, and start date where the date is more recent than August 1, 2005.
Create a view called v_no_cost with all columns of the magazine table, but not the cost column.
Create a view called v_Count that shows the number of subscribers for each magazine. The view should have columns for magazine id and count.

I have read SQL Server 2005 Unleashed along with several other online books and MSDN. However, I can not understand how to do this. I am looking for clarification or detailed instruction as to how to complete this. Please see attached zip file.


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please see the attached sql script.


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