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Database System Requirements.

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Database System Requirements (Group Work):

Create a database and name it ITCO630_GPx where "x" is your group letter. Populate your database with appropriate test data.
Include all of the scripts in a single file called ITCO630_GPx.SQL where x is your group letter.
Create at least three related tables in the database.
Create at least two stored procedures and a script to use each of them.
Create at least one view (using a script).
Create at least one trigger.
Create at least five useful queries. At least one of these queries should use a subquery and at least one of the queries should use an aggregate function.
All scripts should be well documented.
Individual Summary:

In addition to the group work described above, each group member will prepare a summary document with the following information. This document will be submitted as a separate item along with the ZIP of the database and the associated files. Do not submit a single group document. This document must be created individually, and copying from other group members is not allowed.

1. A Word document describing the system
2. An ERD or other graphical representation of the system
3. A description of the views, stored procedures, triggers, and queries
4. Step-by-step instructions on how to run the queries that will demonstrate the functionality of the system
5. A summary of strengths and weaknesses of the system, as designed

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