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Software Procurement Strategies

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A school intends to procure an integrated student management application holding all details of registered students including personal information, courses taken, and examination grades. The alternative approaches are:

1. Buy a database management system and use in-house staff to develop an application with the chosen DBMS
2. Buy a system created for another school and modify it to fit this school's specific requirements
3. Join a group of other schools, establish common requirements, and contract a software house to develop a single system for all of the schools

Identify two risks in each of these strategies and suggest techniques for risk resolution or reduction which would help in deciding which approach to adopt.

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Integrated Student Management
Schools are focused towards holding all the details of the students such as personal information, courses taken and examination grades. All these information need to be contained by the schools in order to their better management. In order to contain such type of information, school has focused towards adopting different approaches. There are three approaches, which can be used by the school in order to contain the details of the students. Principle of the school has to select one appropriate and suitable approach according to the school environment.

Database Management System
First approach is to buy a Database Management System and use in-house staff in order to develop an application with chosen DBMS (Great Britain & National Audit Office, 2009). Database Management System is the software package with computer program that basically control the creation, maintenance and use of database. It is the collection of data records, files and other database objects. This approach has certain risk that needed to be considered while adopting this approach. Database Management System is the complex, difficult and time-consuming and it also need an expert in order to design. It is not necessary that in-house staff will be able to develop an application with the chosen DBMS.

Another risk that has been involved in this is, ...

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American Property Development Corporation (APDC) a designer and developer of outdoor shopping malls and small office complexes has decided to standardize their project management practices and processes across the national organization. The goal is to standardize on one single project scheduling tool, and have the tool installed and to be operational within 90 days. To this end they are forming a central Project Management Office (PMO). Until now, project managers (there are 40 presently on staff distributed all over the USA and Canada) have been able to use whatever scheduling tool they liked, within their budget constraints. They have also been able to buy equipment and engage contractors at will. The PMO will be determining one scheduling tool that all PMs will be expected to use, exclusive of any other scheduling tools. The PMO will also develop and implement a standardized procurement process. Since the PMs are located across the USA and Canada, a web-based solution seems likely to be the most successful tool.


I have chosen to purchase the scheduling tool. In addition to purchasing the software, I need to procure additional goods and services to implement and deploy the tool. Specifically, I will also need to:

- Hire technicians to install and configure the software for your environment
- Hire a training entity to teach the student PMs the mechanics of using the new tool
- Buy a new server and software to run the tool and house the project database
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- Plan for the removal and disposal of the no longer to be used scheduling tool software and hardware.

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