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    Scripts that simulate the activity

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    Part 1.
    The professor states:
    "I have modified the assignment this semester to allow you all to either:

    Bypass the Oracle Database requirement and only provide scripts that simulate the activity required by the assignment. Hopefully this will eliminate the frustration typically encountered with trying to gain access to the Oracle database. If you elect this option, you should provide the scripts that you "would" execute to build your tables, insert the data, and query data from the tables."

    I have elected to do this because I have no experience using Oracle or any databases for that matter.

    Part 2
    . Provide two examples of SQL DML (i.e., "INSERT") commands that fail different table integrity constraints you set up in one of your table. Explain why the statements fail....Again, can this be done without using a program? Can I still complete this assignment using a word doc?

    Part 3
    Populate each of your tables with at least five valid rows of data each and show the SQL you used. Populate other tables in your database, as necessary, to satisfy referential integrity.....I think I can make up my own data but still confused about where to place the data since I will not be using a program.

    Part 4
    Write SQL to perform the following queries and updates. You should test your script to make sure it runs without error:
    a. Retrieve all of your customers' names, account numbers, and addresses (street and zip code only), sorted by account number.
    b. Retrieve all of the videos rented in the last 30 days and sort in chronological rental date order.
    c. Produce a list of your distributors and all their information sorted in order by company name.
    d. Update customer names to change their maiden names to married names. You can choose which records to update.
    e. Delete customers from the database. You can choose which records to delete.
    How am I to conduct all of htis without using a program? The professor said to "simulate" and that it was ok to use Microsoft Word.

    Attached are my scripts (in a word document) and the ERD Diagram from my first project. Please review my scripts and help me to match them with my ERD Diagram. Also please help me to complete the other areas of this assignment.

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