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Internal Social Scripts

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Scripts or books do help build a better attitude for ourselves and others. We need scripts to exist in society, and they do have a strong influence on our internal scripts. I think we do this because this is our coping mechanisms and this helps us to explain things (Schank, & Abelson, 2013). We also rely on past experiences to help us remember what to do in present situations. If we did not rely on scripts, we would be going into new situations blindly.

1). Often times, our scripts are on an unconscious level that we do not even know exists. So, if it is true that our scripts are on an unconscious level, then how do we bring them into our consciousness and let it change upon our own free will?

Min of one scholarly source to support your answer and cited with an APA format.

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Although our scripts are on an unconscious level, it appears that our brains automatically brings the subconscious script information that is needed to the conscious level when external environmental situations dictate that these scripts are needed. Even though we may not be consciously aware of the existence of some of the scripts within our subconscious, this ...

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The internal social scripts are provided. The unconscious level scripts are given.

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1). Without getting too personal, describe an example of a time when you relied on a script to guide your behavior in a particular situation.

2). How do cultural and societal expectations shape our internal scripts?

Min. of one scholarly source to support your answers. Cite with APA format

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