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Movie Rental Database: Oracle

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The purpose of this assignment is to review SQL language and to create a database for a fictional company called More Movie Rentals.

For this assignment, you will install Oracle Express and then create a database for More Movie Rentals.

Submit a single text or Microsoft Word document containing all of the commands you used and the answers you received when following the specifications from assignment requirements assign 1

please see attachments
Please follow the specifications below carefully:

1. List names of the tables that you have created whose name starts with MM. (Hint: use data dictionary view USER_TABLES). Use DESCRIBE (in short: DESC) command for each of these tables to show columns and their datatypes. Use SELECT * command to display all data from each of these tables. Make sure that the LINESIZE and PAGESIZE have large enough values and that you format columns so that the report looks good. If you are using a word-processing software to prepare your lab, make sure that you use a font with constant character width, such as Courier New, to ensure that data is displayed in neat columns.
2. List all movie categories together with the count of movies in each category.
3. List titles and checkout dates for all movies that were signed out by Wild Coyotee (MEMBER_ID=13).
4. List all movie ids and titles that have never been rented.
5. List all members (member id, first name and last name) that have rented at least one movie.
6. What was the largest number of movies rented by one member?
7. Display member id, last name, first name, and the number of movies rented for each member.
8. Prepare a report that shows who rented which movie. Use member names (first and last) and movie title rather than the corresponding ids. Order the report by member names, and for a single member by the movie titles.

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Solution Summary

This solution deals with the Movie Rental Database and answers a set of SQL queries using Oracle.

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