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    How to secure mail infrastructure using trusted identifies?

    How can we secure mail infrastructure using trusted identities? What can be the trust criterias? How mail transfer works and how the notion of trust should be introduced? Why do we need identity based trust? What can be the related works? What can be a new approach to secure mail infrastructure?

    Feasibility Analysis and System Design Methods

    Although your friends tease you about it, you are an unabashed collector of vintage folk songs from the 1950's and 1960's. Your collection now totals several thousand recordings in various formats. To help keep better track of the recordings, you have decided to develop a simple inventory system in Microsoft Access. You want to

    Binary Search Trees in C++

    Use C++ language to do this exercise, BST (Binary Search Trees) template in attach files. Write a program that manage your phonebook contact using BST It helps to find easily and rapidly the phone number of your friend based on the name and inverse . Contact can be saved in text file. User can read contact already saved in t

    Statements About Car Rental Systems

    Identify ambiguities or omissions in the following statement of requirements for a rental car reservation system: Customer specifies start and end dates for the car rental, and where they would like to pick up and return the car. The system then presents the customer with a list of available cars and prices. The customer sele

    A Web Page for Binary Searches

    Please help with the following problem. The sort method, when applied to an array of strings, returns a copy of that array in which the strings appear in alphabetical order. For example, if the variable words stored the array ["foo", "bar", "biz"], then the call words .sort() would return ["bar", "biz", "foo"]. Create a

    Understanding Digital Downloads and Compression

    I need information on understanding the inner workings of digital downloads and digital compression. I need to follow the outline below. I'm running out of information. I need to evaluate the role and impact of a computing technology on society. I. Introduction II. What are digital downloads and digital compression? III. W

    Digital Downloads and Compression Effect's on Society

    Please provide information on how digital downloads/media and digital compression effect's society. I need to follow the outline below. I'm running out of information. I need to analyze the integration of a computing technology into a specific field from at least two perspectives such as historical, legal, ethical, economic, soc

    Algorithm analysis for N elements

    1) find the kth largest value in an unsorted array of N elements. Estimate the running time. It should be better than quick sort running time. I think O(n + klogn) is an efficient running time (if you can do a better algo, please do so). I don't need the entire program. Just functions that show the timing. This is how I did it.

    Comparing Articles: Quality and Structure

    Please read the two attached articles and evaluate their content and quality. In your answer carry out a critique of them using the two sets of questions listed below: (a) Quality: 1. Is the topic of the paper sufficiently interesting (for you personally or in general)? 2. Did the author miss important earlier work? 3. Are

    Structured Data Type - Array

    In what situation would you implement an array? How items in the array might be searched for or sorted using different techniques. Covers Sequential & Binary Search; Selection Sort, Bubble Sort, Index Sort, Merge Sort.

    MVS Design Patter Alternatives

    There are other design patterns that may be directly applicable to PHP programming, or web programming in general. Find another design pattern which could be used for web based development and write a synopsis on it, pointing out whether it would be applicable for use within a project that handles an upload and download function

    Proofs for minimum spanning trees

    Please show me the detailed solutions - see the attached file, thank you. a) Prove the following property for Minimum Spanning Trees: Suppose we are given a graph G with distinct edge weights. Suppose further that G has a cycle C and let c be the maximum weight edge belonging to C. Then c does not belong to any MST. b) Su

    Personal Information in Information Systems

    Please let me know your suggestions. You can post under 100 words per each question. Question #1 Think about where your personal information is stored from an information systems perspective. Is your credit card information saved on file at your favorite online store? Are your medical records stored electronically at your

    Add a counter to sequential and binary search

    I have code for a sequential search and a binary search. I have to "add a counter for every key comparison in each search function and print out the number of key comparisons for each search." Here is my code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int SequentialSearch(const int _list[], int _length, const int & _ite

    Compression Algorithms

    Compression algorithms are frequently used in forensics. Assume you are involved in a case and have been asked by the lawyer to explain, in general terms what they are and how they could potentially affect evidence, paying particular attention to algorithms implemented by forensic tools. You need to be clear yet concise.

    Access - Wildcards

    Here's what Access says about searching for wildcards: When using wildcard characters to search for other wildcard characters such as an asterisk (*), question mark (?), number sign (#), opening bracket ([), or hyphen (-), you must enclose the item you're searching for in brackets. If you're searching for an exclamation

    File Size - Reducing and Quality

    Discuss the ways in which you can optimize a file in order to reduce file size and maintain quality. What factors would you consider?

    Microcomputer Applications for Management

    1. Which of the following is not a cell range? a. B4:C6 b. A1:AA1 c. D3 d. 3D 2. If the value for Revenue is stored in C5 on Sheet1 and the value for Expenses is stored in C6 on Sheet2, the formula, revenue -expense would read: a. =Sheet1@C5-Sheet2@C6 b. =Sheet1$C5-Sheet2$C6 c. =Sheet1!C5-Sheet2!C6 d. =Sheet1!C

    Heap structure

    Is it possible to search for an item in heap structure efficiently (i.e. better than n comparisons)? Explain.

    Data Structure C++

    1. Describe a mechanism to access the telephone customer records by telephone #. Assume that we have a huge data in hand, say a million records or so. Choose a data structure (or) a combination of data structures that will give the best search time. Explain your selection and discuss the speed of the search operation. Keep in m