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Personal Information in Information Systems

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Question #1

Think about where your personal information is stored from an information systems perspective. Is your credit card information saved on file at your favorite online store? Are your medical records stored electronically at your doctor's office? What would happen if that information were compromised? What are some of the major threats to information systems? Provide three examples to support your answer.

Question #2

What rights to privacy do people have when using the Internet at home? Are their privacy rights limited? Do those same rights and limits exist at work? Explain your answer.

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Question # 1

Protection of personal information and other privacy laws are very important issues in most of the western world. No one wants his or her personal information, especially financial details, leaked to outsiders in any way in this age of technological sophistication, because this information may be used in many wrong ways to create trouble. Maintaining the integrity of information systems and protection against hackers are the most important challenges in the world of technology today, as the technology of policing the information systems has not grown as fast as the information systems themselves. Let us consider three examples in this regard to see how privacy leaks can destroy a person's private or professional life:

(i) Suppose that a person has many casual sex partners and has sometimes engaged in unprotected sexual activities in the past. For the fear of having contracted a venereal disease, or otherwise, he goes to a government sexual health centre and is diagnosed as being HIV positive. Government law requires that this information be conveyed to government ...

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