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Comparing Articles: Quality and Structure

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Please read the two attached articles and evaluate their content and quality. In your answer carry out a critique of them using the two sets of questions listed below:

(a) Quality:
1. Is the topic of the paper sufficiently interesting (for you personally or in general)?
2. Did the author miss important earlier work?
3. Are the evaluation methods adequate?
4. Are the theorem and proofs correct?
5. Are the arguments convincing?
6. Does the author mention directions for future research that interest you?

(b) Structure:
The major question that should be answered in this category is whether the paper is well structured.
1. Did you find the Title, Abstract, Introduction, Main section, Conclusions, and References?
2. Was it written clearly? Was the length appropriate?
3. Evaluate the style and language used by the author(s) of the paper.

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Article 1: Investigating Sophisticated Security Breaches
(a) Quality:
1. Is the topic of the paper sufficiently interesting (for you personally or in general)?
The topic of the paper is interesting for me personally and in general because intruders often take advantage of the lack of forensic readiness and to respond more effectively to such attacks, computer security professionals and digital investigators must combine talents and work together.

2. Did the author miss important earlier work?
The author did not appear to miss important earlier work because there is only so much research a writer can do within a specific amount of time to complete a product; moreover, the most important thing is to get articles published, and to add or update them with more information over time.

3. Are the evaluation methods adequate?
The evaluation methods appeared to be completely accurate and fairly simple to conclude due to its non-scientific nature. As the author referenced, "Network intrusions are among the most challenging kinds of computer crime to investigate, especially when dealing with sophisticated, highly motivated intruders. Given the dynamic nature of networks, investigators must act quickly to locate and preserve potential evidence before it is lost or altered, all without disrupting operations of the organization. Investigators also have a very compressed timeframe to answer complex questions, including what sensitive information was exposed, how and when the intruders gained access, and where they can be apprehended. To answer these questions, it is necessary to sift and correlate large amounts of data quickly in various formats from systems in multiple time zones."

4. Are the theorem and proofs correct?
The theorem and proofs appear to be correct

5. Are the arguments convincing?
The arguments are greatly convincing because the topic affects nearly everyone exposed to ...

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