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    Algorithm Problem

    Let G = (V, E) be a flow network with source s, sink t, and suppose each edge e  E has capacity c(e) = 1. Assume also, for convenience, that |E| =  (V). a. Suppose we implement the Ford-Fulkerson maximum-flow algorithm by using depth-first search to find augmenting paths in the residual graph. what is the wo

    Skill Management?

    A vital resource. Discuss this statement and give reasons why it is true.

    Algorithms Using Pseudo Code

    1. Write an algorithm, using pseudo code, "Word Search": Given a string of letters, identify all substrings that create one of five given words. For example, if the words (arguments) are: structure; such; system; blue; red, then the string jkdistructuredstrusyssystemoon contains the first, third and fifth words, once each. 2

    Radio Frequency communications vs. Infra Red communications

    I'm having trouble finding examples of devices that use radio frequency technology and those that use infrared (IR which includes the IrDA specifications IrPHY, IrLAP, IrLMP, IrCOMM, Tiny TP, IrOBEX, IrLAN and IrFM "Point & Pay"). And I also could use help recommending at least two IR devices and two 802.11 devices to be used

    SQL- Two Tables Advantages

    What are the advantages of joining two tables? What is inner join and what is outer join? Please give me some real applications of joins.

    Database Concepts and Modeling

    Discuss why a company or organization would migrate to a relational database architecture from a network or hierarchical architecture. What are some of the factors that should be considered when transferring data from one database architecture to another? I would also like to see you elaborate on the descriptions of the vari

    Error messaging

    Search the web to find out at least 2 examples of web sites that follow the 3 rules of error messaging. Also find out 2 examples of websites that do not follow the 3 rules of error messaging. Briefly explain what is good or bad about the error messaging on these sites.

    Identify and revise objects/classes

    Identify Objects and classes and revise it to obtain a list of candidates. I already extracted problem statement and identified and revised some of them but still don't see they are ok. Please verify, to add or delete it. Also specify each of object and class such as (attribute, role played, simple value, event, tangible thi

    Nonlinear regression of pharmacokinetic model using Matlab

    All I can tell you is that we are supposed to use a multidimensional extension of Taylor's theorem to approx. the variation of f(x) in the neighborhood of an initial guess, x^(k) where f'(x^(k)) is the Jacobian system of equations. I have the equation J^k * deltax^k = -f(x^k) for the system of linear equations (See attach

    Dependency / Multivalued dependency

    Hi Please help me with this question. Define dependency and/or multivalued dependencies and explain them. Question: --------------------------------------------------------- Define any functional dependecny and/or multivalued dependecny in the following table. Do not invent any new fields. The superkey of this tab

    Using Classes

    Write a function to count ocurrences of a string in another string. Then write a driver program to input a string and then input several lines of text, using the function to count occurrences of the string in the lines of text. **Note: I need the solution in C++ code.

    Median of Three Worst Case Scenario

    Suppy an array containing integers 1 through 12 such that a quicksort algorithm using median of three will recurse to 6 levels, counting the top level as 0; showing that even with median of three, quicksort has worst case performance of O(n^2). The pivot is then moved to the end and the partition is performed, then after the

    tree structure search and update

    In a binary tree the search is log (x) and the update is x where x is teh depth of the tree. Is this correct? In tree like structure (tree structure) what is the maximum number of access for record update? is it x? why? what about the search? I need the answer and also why? Thanks

    Computer Assignment

    How do I approach this assignment - Free Speech Online Some feel that there is too much objectionable material allowed on the Internet, whereas others argue that the Internet should be completely censored. Consider these two viewpoints and respond to 1 of the following questions. Be sure to include a website where you found info

    Converting ternary to binary

    Write the pseudocode for a recursive function TERNARY TO BINARY, that will convert a ternary tree into a binary search tree.

    Primary and Foreign Key Fields

    Please see the attached and design the layout for each question in Word. Thank you. 1. How would you divide these fields in order to avoid redundancy? Lay out the different tables that you would propose creating, with the fields that would be in each of the tables. Be sure to use the Leszynski Naming Convention for all obje

    Network Flow Functions

    This is a problem about Network Flows. A. The Edmonds Karp max-flow algorithm uses Breadth First Search to find the augmenting path. What is the running time of the Edmonds-Karp algorithm to find the maximum flow? B. Here is a flow network. Trace the execution of the Edmonds-Karp algorithm to find the maximum flow. Draw

    multiple roots using bisection

    Writing program for Matlab where I find multiple roots using bisection, please see attachment I wrote this program (with a lot of help) that finds multiple roots using bisection. For example, this program found the first 10 roots of cos(5x). Now, I'm supposed to find and store the first 50 roots of Where = 50; L = 200;