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How do I approach this assignment - Free Speech Online Some feel that there is too much objectionable material allowed on the Internet, whereas others argue that the Internet should be completely censored. Consider these two viewpoints and respond to 1 of the following questions. Be sure to include a website where you found information to support your ideas. 1. Should religious groups be allowed to distribute information over the Internet? What about groups that advocate hatred or oppression? 2. Is there any material you feel should not be freely available on the Web? What about child pornography? 3. If you think some regulation is required, who should determine what restrictions should be imposed?

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In writing your paragraph, you can consider the following:
<br>1) In America, at least, the first amendment makes it very difficult to legally censor the internet, as the net is effectively a public area.
<br>2) However, individual ISPs are certainly free to practice censorship over what flows through their own equipment
<br>3) As no one country ...

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