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    Programming Languages

    An Excel "If And" Spreadsheet

    Please see the attached.....it is an advanced material balance model I am working on but I need help in one area to complete it. I am trying to accomplish the following --- so if you look at my attached document: In Cell K13, I want a calculated value based on the following: If the Product Code entered in Cell G5 is "A"

    Currency Conversion Program

    Expand the "Currency Conversion" program to have a menu of five currencies that allows the user to choose which currency they wish to display in its equivalency to the US dollars. The choise selected by the user will be error checked (which means that it is error checked (crash proof, I might test it with any type of input) as a

    Defining Programming Statement Types

    Please help with the following problem. Define the follow types of statement used in computer programming and how you would utilize them in your programs? I/O (input/output) Calculation (equations) selection (conditional) repetition (iteration) documentation

    Update statement to populate two columns with decimal values

    Here is the issue, a table namedPoints varchar(81) has values stored in a column named Point. There are two columns in the Points table, X and Y. Here is the code that created the table: REATE TABLE dbo.POINTS ( I INT IDENTITY NOT NULL ,Point varchar(81) NOT NULL ,X decimal(38,10) NULL ,Y decimal(38,10) NULL ) GO

    Output of code snippet

    ****Answer needed in C***** What is the output of the following section of code? void A (void) { printf("A"); } void B (void) { printf("B"); A(); } void main(void) { B(); printf("C"); }

    Indirect Port Addressing (ref 2)

    Zilog Z8000 microprocessor family direct port addressing capability 16 bit port address is part of the instruction indirect port addressing capability referencing one of the 16-bit general purpose registers, which contains the port address. How many ports can the Z8000 address in each I/O addressing mode? 1? 2^16?

    Unified Modeling Language (UML)

    Complete the following: a. You are ready to begin the UML modeling for the Kirt Clinic. Draw a class diagram that includes a physician, a patient, an appointment, and a patient's bill. Do not get the insurance company involved. b. Use the UML to draw examples of the four structural relationships for the Kirt Clinic. c

    UML and XML

    I am desperately needed help in answering these questions : How are UML and XML related? Should we discuss them in the same breath, or should the two be separated?

    Create an ER Diagram

    The scenario is that the Public Affairs Office at Highline University receives requests for speakers on particular topics. To be able to respond to such request, that office wants to build a database. In particular, it wants to keep track of topics, speakers, speeches, and organizations to which someone from Highline has spoken.

    Solve for Reusable Code

    Scenario: Different programming languages exist in various libraries and on the Internet and using some of these functions and procedures, this can allow you to use these methods rather than having to write out the code from scratch on your own. However, some code needs some modification to fit into your program. Nevertheless, i

    Please Help me

    I need help writing 6-7 paragraphs explaining this Please dont use any older posts and cite your references. *****As you were reviewing the different programming languages in the Library and the Internet, you found some libraries with functions and procedures that you could use rather than write the code from scratch on you

    Codes for Check Boxes

    I was told not to use If statement .. and this is what I have so far chkTitle.Value = 1 lblTitle.Visible = False this enables me to check the box and the title disappears as i wish but i dont know how to write the code so that, when i uncheck the box the title appears again i tried to write chkTitle.Value = 0

    OO - True False

    1. An advantage of OO development is consistency of language. 2. OO development often omits writing a distinct requirements specification document. 3. "Use cases" may be based on well-written natural language requirements. 4. In the design process, workflow diagrams define the entire business process. 5. Encapsulati

    2DIM-DFA is undecidable

    The language define by the equality of two 2DIM-DFA machines on all inputs is undecidable. The full definition of 2DIM-DFA can be found in Sipser's "Introduction to the Theory of Computation" (5.17) I show a reduction to the decidability of a problem which is known to be undecidable and hence prove the undecidability of the o


    Recall, in our discussion of the Church-Turing thesis, that we introduced the language D = {p | p is a polynomial in several variables having an integral root}. We stated, but didn't prove, that D is undecidable. In this problem you are to prove a different property of D, namely, that D is NP-hard. A problem i

    Two Dimensional Finite Automaton

    1. Define two dimensional finite automaton (2DIM-DFA) is defined as follows. The input is an m X n rectangle, for any m, n  2. The squares along the boundary of the rectangle contain the symbol # and the internal squares contain symbols over the input alphabet . The transition function is a mapping Q x &#6166

    What are the common problems in running an effective team meeting? Briefly describe five such problems and suggest ways to resolve them.

    Design a flow chart looping the program code

    //student name #include <stdio.h> main () { //declare variables float fStore1=.0725; //use floats due to possibility of using decimals float fStore2=.075; //here is where taxes are hard coded in the program float fStore3=.0775; int iStore=0; float fPurchase=0.0; float fTax=0.0; float f

    Computer Programming

    1. An aspect of the preferred process for almost all formal software development approaches is to do some design before coding. One of the design artifacts you are asked to use in this course is a flow chart. What challenges have you (and / or your learning team) encountered in going from an English statement of the problem to a

    Multiple senders CDMA

    Suppose that the receiver in figure (attached) wanted to receive the data being sent by sender 2. Show (by calculation) that the receiver is indeed able to recover sender 2's data from the aggregate channel signal by using sender 2's code.

    Automata and Computability

    Prove that, if A is a regular language, a family of family programs B1, B2, ... exists wherein each Bn accepts exactly the strings in A of length n and is bounded in size by a constant times n. See attached file for full problem description.