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Currency Conversion Program

Expand the "Currency Conversion" program to have a menu of five currencies that allows the user to choose which currency they wish to display in its equivalency to the US dollars. The choise selected by the user will be error checked (which means that it is error checked (crash proof, I might test it with any type of input) as a valid entry). If the input was an error the program must prompt the user to make another selection (to do this you must use one of the looping techniques learned in this course). With a correct selection, the program will then perform the appropriate calculation and display the currency selected and the conversion. This program will allow the user to continue to select additional currencies (Loop construct) until they choose to stop. Insert comments in the program and use good structured programming techniques to document the program internally. Attach a design flow chart (in MS Word, not Visio). Submit the source code, flowchart, a quality control sheet, and the version control sheet to me.

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