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    Requirements Analysis, Design, Verification & Validation

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    ?Complete requirements analysis
    ?Validation and test documentation

    The Currency Conversion application is a menu-driven program that allows users to select one of five international currency types, input the amount of a foreign currency, and then convert the foreign currency to dollars. The program displays the equivalent dollar amount and returns the user to the menu until he or she enters another conversion or quits the program.

    International currency type (menu selection)
    ?Canadian dollars (rate: 1 U.S. dollar = 1.4680 Canadian dollars)
    ?Mexican pesos (rate: 1 U.S. dollar = 9.5085 pesos)
    ?English pounds (rate: 1.6433 U.S. dollars = 1 pound)
    ?Japanese yen (rate: 1 U.S. dollar = 104.9200 yen)
    ?French francs (rate: 1 U.S. dollar = 6.2561 francs)

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    This solution contains a code for the program that displays the equivalent dollar amount for the different international currency types.