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Writing a Narrative Program: Example Currency Conversion

Using the C compiler, write a C program that contains your narrative from broken down into one line sentences, that have been commented out.

Write English narrative that converts currency. The narrative should display a title, "Currency Conversion," and then write the names of currencies and exchange rates. Allow the user to select a country and exchange rate from a menu.
Allow the user to designate the amount of dollars to exchange. The exchanged amounts are displayed. Repeat this process until the users desires to stop.
You may use any nouns that you want, but restrict your verbs to the following: input, display, add, multiply, and repeat. . Be sure and remember to keep Input information/Processing/Output information separate. Do not mix them. Your submission should read like an English paragraph, and NOT like a programming language.

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The code is pasted below for convenience:

====== currencyconv.c Start =======

/*Include Standard Input and output directory*/

/*Start of the main the function*/

/* Declare variables to input amount and store conversion value from user*/
float amount,conversion;
unsigned int choice;
/*Clear the screen */

/* Print the heading */
printf("Currency ...

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