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The Currency Conversion Program

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Generate a set of test inputs and expected results for the Currency Conversion program. Post the test procedure as an attachment.

Please see the attachment the Currency Conversion Program with the tables.

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Currency Conversion Integration Test EXAMPLES -

Test Case 1: Valid Selection = Canadian
Currency_Type = 1
Int_Value = 100.0
U.S._Value = 68.12

Expected Output:
The value of 100.0 Canadian dollars is 68.12 U.S. dollars

Test Case 2: Valid Selection = Quit
Currency_Type = 6
Continue = "n"

Expected Output:
Thank you for using the Currency Conversion Program

Test Case 3: Illegal Currency Amount
Currency_Type = 1
Int_Value = "L"

Expected Outputs
Error 2: Illegal Input
Strike any character or numeric key to continue

Currency Conversion program
Main Module

Declare selection as integer
Declare currencyType as Integer
Declare internationalValue as ...

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This solution provides test inputs and expected results for a currency conversion program.