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Programming Languages

Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Complete the following: a. You are ready to begin the UML modeling for the Kirt Clinic. Draw a class diagram that includes a physician, a patient, an appointment, and a patient's bill. Do not get the insurance company involved. b. Use the UML to draw examples of the four structural relationships for the Kirt Clinic. c

Create an ER Diagram

The scenario is that the Public Affairs Office at Highline University receives requests for speakers on particular topics. To be able to respond to such request, that office wants to build a database. In particular, it wants to keep track of topics, speakers, speeches, and organizations to which someone from Highline has spoken.

Solve for Reusable Code

Scenario: Different programming languages exist in various libraries and on the Internet and using some of these functions and procedures, this can allow you to use these methods rather than having to write out the code from scratch on your own. However, some code needs some modification to fit into your program. Nevertheless, i

OO - True False

1. An advantage of OO development is consistency of language. 2. OO development often omits writing a distinct requirements specification document. 3. "Use cases" may be based on well-written natural language requirements. 4. In the design process, workflow diagrams define the entire business process. 5. Encapsulati

2DIM-DFA is undecidable

The language define by the equality of two 2DIM-DFA machines on all inputs is undecidable. The full definition of 2DIM-DFA can be found in Sipser's "Introduction to the Theory of Computation" (5.17) I show a reduction to the decidability of a problem which is known to be undecidable and hence prove the undecidability of the o


Recall, in our discussion of the Church-Turing thesis, that we introduced the language D = {p | p is a polynomial in several variables having an integral root}. We stated, but didn't prove, that D is undecidable. In this problem you are to prove a different property of D, namely, that D is NP-hard. A problem i

Two Dimensional Finite Automaton

1. Define two dimensional finite automaton (2DIM-DFA) is defined as follows. The input is an m X n rectangle, for any m, n  2. The squares along the boundary of the rectangle contain the symbol # and the internal squares contain symbols over the input alphabet . The transition function is a mapping Q x &#6166

What are the common problems in running an effective team meeting? Briefly describe five such problems and suggest ways to resolve them.

Design a flow chart looping the program code

//student name #include <stdio.h> main () { //declare variables float fStore1=.0725; //use floats due to possibility of using decimals float fStore2=.075; //here is where taxes are hard coded in the program float fStore3=.0775; int iStore=0; float fPurchase=0.0; float fTax=0.0; float f

Computer Programming

1. An aspect of the preferred process for almost all formal software development approaches is to do some design before coding. One of the design artifacts you are asked to use in this course is a flow chart. What challenges have you (and / or your learning team) encountered in going from an English statement of the problem to a

Automata and Computability

Show that the collection of decidable languages is closed under the operations of a. union. b. concatenation. c. star. d. complementation. e. intersection

Normalizing your Data Base to the Third Normal Forum

Normalize to the 3NF the following collections of data attributes, Write the normalized entities in the correct format and underline the attributes which form the primary key(s). Make whatever assumptions that you need to, but document your assumptions. 1) Video Tapes (Title, Director, Actors, Date, Music Tracks, Duration, Th

Establishing table structure

You are now going to create the final table list for Fernando's Skate Shop. Use the following preliminary field list and list of subjects to get started. Realize that the lists are incomplete and you may need to add more information as necessary by inferring data from what you know about the case. Be sure to provide a rationale

Run Length Encoding of a Bit Sequence

(a) Encode the following bit sequence using run-length encoding with 4-bit codes eighteen zeroes, 11, fifty-six zeroes, 1, fifteen zeroes, 11. (b) Encode the same sequence using run-length encoding with 5-bit codes (c) Compare the two codes. Comment on two choices.

What is RSS?

What is RSS? Describe a real-world application that uses RSS.


Mr. Oldie wants to share his wisdom too, but on a different topic: "These OO-guys looked at hardware assembly and car assembly mechanisms and dreamed that they can do it in software. They aimed for the moon using OO paradigm, but they ended up in clouds! OOD/OOP does not really make such "stand-alone" components that fit togethe

Could a function also be called an inheritance?

In computer programming would you say that a function could also be called an inheritance product due to the reuse of it in the program? A while loop that calls the function once the statement is true can be used over and over. What do you think?

Object Oriented System Design with UML

? Build use case diagrams and write use case descriptions ? Build class diagrams for static system modeling ? Build collaboration and sequence diagrams for dynamic system modeling Aims This assignment aims to establish a basic familiarity with the object-oriented system design and the use of UML for system modelling Ob

Development of software

Give an example of how efforts in the development of software can pay dividends later in software maintenance.

Question about Reusable Code

You realize that the code you had created can be reused for many other purposes for future programs. You decide to create a library for your reusable code. Using the pseudocode for the program, you identify the aspects of the program that can be reusable and write/rewrite it so it can be reused. You rewrite your pseudocode to im

Finite-state automata

Hi, I'm looking for a FSA (Finite State Acceptor) for all binary strings containing an odd number of 0's. A state diagram is the easiest for me to understand. A valid regular expression to describe the language (I've verified this) is 1*0(1+01*0)* Thanks!

Binary Cyclic Codes

Determine all binery cyclic codes of length 5. Note: To find all cyclic codes of length n, find all ideals in B[x]/x^2+1 Note: If 1 is an Ideal (I) then R = I. Example: n=2 R=B[x]/x^2+1, x^2=1 R={o,1,x,1+x} Ideals <0> = 0 <1> = R x = (0, x, x^2...) = (1,...

Programming Concept

Please describe this program for me. (See attached files for full problem description)