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    How to set PATH and EDITOR Variables in Linux login Script

    Login to your Linux environment and create your start-up shell script. Whether you write the scripts as .profile or .cshrc, include the following options: * Your search path to $PATH * Your editor to vi * Two variables of your preference, explain what they are. Copy the following shell that completes the foll

    Significance of RDF

    What are the various reasons that make RDF data model essential to store data, rather than using xml or relational model? Include references.

    Designing a class

    Object oriented design is creating classes with both characteristics and behavior wrapped together (called encapsulation). Taking data (characteristics) and the functions (behavior) that operate on that data and storing them as one programming unit (called a class) is extremely powerful. When completing a class design it is cr

    Context Free Grammar Problem

    Write a grammar that generates the language described as the following set: {x∈ {a,b}*|x,where count(b)=2*count(a)} The answer I came up with is S->SaSbSbS S->SbSaSbS S->SbSbSaS S-> ϵ Is this correct?

    Signal Encoding: NRZ-I, Samples per second

    1. Provide diagrams of the NRZ-I, Manchester, and bipolar-AMI encodings for the following bit stream: 011101101 2. How many samples per second are required to digitize the following signals to avoid aliasing in the reconstructed signal: a. Signal bandwidth less than 30,000 Hz b. Signal bandwidth less than 1 MHz c.

    Intended Audience for Technical Communication

    In order for technical communication to be effective, the writer must evaluate the intended audience, its characteristics, knowledge base, expectations, and requirements. Audience recognition Terms for different audience levels Issues of diversity Multiculturalism Issues of sexist language Explain how these audience char

    Object-Oriented programs

    List two advantages and two disadvantages of using UML as a modeling standard for Object-Oriented programs.

    Three Java examples that validate input

    Please help with the following problem. Design an algorithm that prompts the user to enter a positive nonzero number and validates the input. Design an algorithm that prompts the user to enter "yes or "no" and validates the input. Design an algorithm that prompts the user to enter a secret word. The secret word should

    Constant and Variable in a Program

    1. What is a data type in C? Describe two data types and how they might be used in a C program. 2. What is the difference between a constant and a variable in a program? Why would you use one or the other?

    Compilers and Language Translation: Scanner Output

    Using the token types and classification values given in attached Figure 10.3, show the output of scanner when it is presented with each of the following statements: a. limit = begin + end b. a = b - 1; c. if(c == 50)x = 1; else y = x + 44; d. thenelse == error -

    Compilers and Language Translation: Token Identification

    1. Identify the tokens in each of the following statements. a. if (a == b1) a = x + y; b. delta = epilson + 1.23 - sqrt(zz); c. print(Q); 2. Assume that we are looking in a programming language that allows underscore (_) in variable names. When a scanner sees a character string such as AB_CD, is it more likely to identif

    A distributed software application case study

    Should the recommendation be for each 'branch' grocery store to be connected to the 'central' grocery store software? As an example if (me) a customer purchases (say three boxes of cereal and 1 gal. of milk) at a branch store, the clerk checks my purchases out and obtains a cash receipt. Shouldn't the 'software' recommendation

    Computer Programming

    Explain the concept of object orientation and Universal Modeling Language (UML) as used in computer programming. How do programmers use class, attributes, and methods in computer programming to solve problems? Give an example of using classes, attributes, and methods to develop a program to track attendance in multiple c

    Control Flow Definition, Meaning and Example

    Could you please help me to understand / define what the term "control flow" really means or is [in programming] in your own words. How would you use control flow in computer programming to solve problems? Would this be the if.else and looping? Could you provide an example of how control flow would be used to track mem

    Discussing Variables and Constants

    Define and study the terms "variable" and "constant" as used in computer programming. Determine the various types of data (such as char, int, double, string, and date) that can be used in developing a solution. Describe how and when you would use one over the other in a simple solution to calculate the grade average for a class.

    Variables in a Programming Language

    Consider the following program: List all the variables, along with the program units where they are declared, that are visible in the bodies of Sub1, Sub2, and Sub3, assuming static scoping is used. procedure Main is X, Y, Z : Integer; procedure Sub1 is A, Y, Z : Integer; procedure Sub2 is

    Proofing Through Contradiction

    Prove the following fact (give a proof by contradiction): There do not exist constants N > 0 and C > 0 such that ∀n ≥ N ,n^2 ≤ C*n.

    UDP and multicast

    Describe and discuss what the UDP does and its relationship to TCP - in what ways is it similar and different, and why (what applications) would we use UDP, and why can't a user program access IP directly? What is multicast, how is it used, also include some of the constraints and solutions to those constraints. Provide a

    Create a Query to Produce an Output

    Create a query to produce the output shown in the figure below. The output, derived from the CHARTER and MODEL tables, is limited to February 6, 2004. (Hint: The JOIN passes through another table. Note that the "connection" between CHARTER and MODEL requires the existence of AIRCRAFT, because the CHARTER table does not contain a

    Write a Program to Calculate Weekly Pay

    A company pay its employees as managers (who receive a fixed weekly salary), hourly workers (who receive a fixed hourly wage for up to the 40 hours they work and "time-and-a-half"- 1.5 times their hourly wage- for overtime hours workers), commission workers (who receive $250 plus 5.7% of their gross weekly sales), or pieceworker

    Document Content Validation

    Please help with the following problem. Do you think that any form of document content validation should be applied to web pages before they are placed in the public domain? That is, some form of assurance that they do not contain completely incorrect information. As opposed to censorship, this could be some form of assura

    How Important is the Internet to Most Companies?

    Please help with the following problem. How important is the Internet to most companies? How have companies improved the sales / service / performance process utilizing the Internet? Give examples of how your company or a typical company uses the Internet in their business. What problems exist because of the Internet capabi