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Programming Languages

Automata and Computability NOPREFIX

Say that string x is a prefix of string y if a string z exists where xz = y and that x is a proper prefix of y if in addition x  y. In each of the following parts we define an operation on a language A. Show that the class of regular languages is closed under that operation. a. NOPREFIX (A) = {w  A| no prope

Normalizing your Data Base to the Third Normal Forum

Normalize to the 3NF the following collections of data attributes, Write the normalized entities in the correct format and underline the attributes which form the primary key(s). Make whatever assumptions that you need to, but document your assumptions. 1) Video Tapes (Title, Director, Actors, Date, Music Tracks, Duration, Th

Coding for Excel

I am trying to write code that would sum 5 cells and then round to either .00, .25, .50, or .75 depending upon what range the sum of the cells falls into. Example if the sum of the cells equals 1.17 then I would need to round to 1.25. If the sum of the cell equals 15.38 I would need it to round to 15.50. So if the range of the d

Super keyword in Java

Read this article from the Sun website: http://paul.rutgers.edu/java_tutorial/java/javaOO/subclass.html Concerning classes and inheritance. Why is the super keyword so important? Present examples of how inheritance can be found in real-life situations

Push down automata

Give the state transitions for a pda with only 2 states, for the language "a^n b^2n", where n >=1 .

Establishing table structure

You are now going to create the final table list for Fernando's Skate Shop. Use the following preliminary field list and list of subjects to get started. Realize that the lists are incomplete and you may need to add more information as necessary by inferring data from what you know about the case. Be sure to provide a rationale

Run Length Encoding of a Bit Sequence

(a) Encode the following bit sequence using run-length encoding with 4-bit codes eighteen zeroes, 11, fifty-six zeroes, 1, fifteen zeroes, 11. (b) Encode the same sequence using run-length encoding with 5-bit codes (c) Compare the two codes. Comment on two choices.

Program test data and fields for library items records

[a] Discuss and suggest a good set of test data for a program that gives an employee a $50.00 bonus cheque if the employee has produced more than 1,000 items in a week. [b] Assume that a library keeps a file with data about its collection, one record for each item the library loans out. Name at least eight(8) fields that mig

What is RSS?

What is RSS? Describe a real-world application that uses RSS.


Mr. Oldie wants to share his wisdom too, but on a different topic: "These OO-guys looked at hardware assembly and car assembly mechanisms and dreamed that they can do it in software. They aimed for the moon using OO paradigm, but they ended up in clouds! OOD/OOP does not really make such "stand-alone" components that fit togethe

Could a function also be called an inheritance?

In computer programming would you say that a function could also be called an inheritance product due to the reuse of it in the program? A while loop that calls the function once the statement is true can be used over and over. What do you think?

Question 2

Why would a programmer intentionally code the following line into a program? #define true 1 while(true) { // Stuff inside loop. }

Coding and programming

Examine this code snippet and explain why it will work or why not it will not. (Code needed to make this a complete program intentionally left out.) char a; for(a = 'a';a < 'm';a++) printf("%cn");

ranges and functions

You have functions that you wish to call for various individual year values, as well as ranges of years, and you are deciding on whether to use an if statement or a switch statement. The ranges and functions are: o 1900 to 1969 - functionA() o 1969 to 2000 - functionB() o 2001 - functionC() o

write-write, read-write, and write-read dependencies

Find the write-write, read-write, and write-read dependencies in the following assembly language program: I1: LOAD R1, A // R1 -MEMORY (A) I2: ADD R2, R1 //R2 -R2 + R1 I3: ADD R3, R4 //R3 -R3 + R4 I4: MULTI R4, R5 //R4- R4 * R5

Object Oriented System Design with UML

? Build use case diagrams and write use case descriptions ? Build class diagrams for static system modeling ? Build collaboration and sequence diagrams for dynamic system modeling Aims This assignment aims to establish a basic familiarity with the object-oriented system design and the use of UML for system modelling Ob

language generated by the following grammars

Please see attached file for detail (1) Describe the language generated by the following grammars: 1. <expression>  <expression> <woperator> <term> | <term> 2. <term> <id> <soperator> <term> | <id> 3. <id>  a | b| c 4. <woperation>  * 5. <soperator>  + | - (2) 1. <S>  a<A> b | b <B>

Need help with database

As you were reviewing the different programming languages in the Cybrary and the Internet, you found some libraries with functions and procedures that you could use rather than write the code from scratch on your own. However, some of the code needs some modification to fit into your program. Nevertheless, you find 3 sets of cod

Development of software

Give an example of how efforts in the development of software can pay dividends later in software maintenance.

Programming paradigm

Discuss why the object oriented programming paradigm is considered a better choice than the structured programming paradigm. Does it reflect our "natural" way of thinking or do you find it artificial? (Please explain in detail)

longest consecutively numbered string of bytes

Find the address where the longest consecutively numbered string of bytes begins. Consecutive bytes are defined as those that differ by the number 01. For example, the bytes 39h, 3Ah, 3Bh, 3Ch, 3Dh, 3Eh, 3Fh, and 40h for a string of 7 consecutive bytes. Put the winning address in register DX, and the length of the string (in

Convert Binary Number Registries

Convert any binary number found in register AX to the equivalent ASCII code for each hexadecimal nibble in AX. Place the ASCII code for the hexadecimal number in AX starting at offset location 0000. Example: AX = 3030 ;ASCII for 00 [0800] = 41h after conversion (ASCII A) Note: Please write in assembly language progr


As you were reviewing the different programming languages on the Internet, you found some libraries with functions and procedures that you could use rather than write the code from scratch on your own. However, some of the code needs some modification to fit into your program. Nevertheless, you find 3 sets of code that you can r

Question about Reusable Code

You realize that the code you had created can be reused for many other purposes for future programs. You decide to create a library for your reusable code. Using the pseudocode for the program, you identify the aspects of the program that can be reusable and write/rewrite it so it can be reused. You rewrite your pseudocode to im

Finite-state automata

Hi, I'm looking for a FSA (Finite State Acceptor) for all binary strings containing an odd number of 0's. A state diagram is the easiest for me to understand. A valid regular expression to describe the language (I've verified this) is 1*0(1+01*0)* Thanks!

Binary Cyclic Codes

Determine all binery cyclic codes of length 5. Note: To find all cyclic codes of length n, find all ideals in B[x]/x^2+1 Note: If 1 is an Ideal (I) then R = I. Example: n=2 R=B[x]/x^2+1, x^2=1 R={o,1,x,1+x} Ideals <0> = 0 <1> = R x = (0, x, x^2...) = (1,...