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Programming Languages

Binary Cyclic Codes

Determine all binery cyclic codes of length 5. Note: To find all cyclic codes of length n, find all ideals in B[x]/x^2+1 Note: If 1 is an Ideal (I) then R = I. Example: n=2 R=B[x]/x^2+1, x^2=1 R={o,1,x,1+x} Ideals <0> = 0 <1> = R x = (0, x, x^2...) = (1,...

Programming Concept

Please describe this program for me. (See attached files for full problem description)

Writing a Narrative Program: Example Currency Conversion

Using the C compiler, write a C program that contains your narrative from broken down into one line sentences, that have been commented out. Write English narrative that converts currency. The narrative should display a title, "Currency Conversion," and then write the names of currencies and exchange rates. Allow the user

COBOL: Widely used Business-Oriented language

All COBOL was the first business-oriented language available, is 30+ years old, and is still being used for many business applications. offer opinions on why it is still being used. What are the common characteristics that almost all programming languages have in common. There are four. Identify them and explain for

Theory of Computation Problems

Let x be an element of &#931;+ be a word. Show that for all such x, the language L=x* is regular. Give an example of x such that the language: L subscript 2/3 = {uw l there exists a y an element of L, y=uvw, l u l = l v l = l wl } is not regular. Prove your answer. (note: l l is equal to the length) Please see th


Create an ASP page that uses both inline and <script> code.

Computer theory-automata

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Is the language L = { anb3nan n>0 } context free? If so, find a CFG grammar for it. If not, prove it. --- (See attached file for full problem description)

Writing a program to calculate GPA

Write a program to read a student's number, his or her old grade point average, and the old number of course credits (e.g., 31479, 3.25, 66) and to then print these with appropriate labels. Next, read the course credit and grade of four courses - for example, course1Credits = 5.0, course1Grade = 3.7, course2Credits = 3.0, course

Discuss the concept of a component

Discuss the concept of a component. What makes up a component? What are the advantages of components? In addition, what are the types of class data and how do you decide which is appropriate? Explain the difference between declaring a variable using the keyword Public, Friend, or Private.

implicit dereferencing of pointers

What disadvantages are there in implicit dereferencing of pointers, but only in certain contexts? For example, consider the implicit dereference of a pointer to a record in Ada when it is used to reference a record field.

Statement with one arithmetic operator in some language

I need a simple assignment statement with one arithmetic operator in some language you know. For each component of the statement, list the various bindings that are required to determine the semantics when the statement is executed. For each binding, indicate the binding time used for the language.

Develop an assembly language program

I need help with completing the following specification for an assembly language program. This is a practice question. This is part of an overall assignment that I am stuck at. The program needs to check the current disk drive and report: ? The drive letter which would normally be assigned by DOS ? The amount of used spac

The Message

USE ANY COMPUTER LANGUAGE to write the message "this is page 1" on page one, the message "this is page 2" on page 2, and so on until the message "this is page 7" is written to page 7. Center the messages on the pages, in exactly the same place. Have the program then alternate the messages and determine if you can detect the fa

Assembly Instructions

Add together all of the 2-word numbers that are stored from address 60000h to 60FFFh in memory. Store the sum starting at location 61020h. Each 2-word number may range in size from 00000000h to FFFFFFFFh. Include a flowchart clearly describing your solution.

pros and cons of online collaboration

Discuss the pros and cons of online collaboration. Is this a vaible method to use in todays workplace? Why/why not? Identify potential pitfalls in using emails / messagaing systems / chat rooms, etc...

Cyclic Redundancy Checks

Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC) can provide strong capabilities to digest a message in such form that if bits in the message have become corrupted during transmission, then the receiver will be able to detect the damage and discard the message. Assume a generator polynomial of X4 + X3 + 1. A receiver encounters the following

Currency Conversion : key information

Write a C program that displays a title, "Currency Conversion", and then writes the names of five currencies and their equivalents to a US dollar. The conversions are hard coded equations. Insert comments in the program to document the program internally.

Writing a Simple Program

Write a program to: Prompt the user for 3 sentences of text. Pass these pieces of text into a function connect () which will connect all three sentences into one long sentence. Pass the combination sentence back to the main program, where it is printed. Language is C Basic.

Using constructor to create Rectangle and PlaneRectangle classes

The Class for a Rectangle is shown below. PlaneRectangle is a specialisation of Rectangle with fields that define the location of the centre of the rectangle. Write Java Classes that are implementations of the Rectangle Class and of the PlaneRectangle Class. Now add methods to the Java PlaneRectangle Class that: a. enable the

C+ programming functions program

Write a C function named change() that accepts a floating point number and the addresses of the integer variables named quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. The function should determine the number of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies in the number passed to it and write these values directly into respective variables decl