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    Automata and Computability

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    Consider the language B = L (G), where G is the grammar given in Exercise 2.13 (page 121). The pumping lemma for context-free languages, Theorem 2.19 (page 115), states the existence of a pumping length p for B. What is the minimum value of p that works in the pumping lemma? Justify your answer.

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    Recall that the minimum pumping length is the smallest positive integer l so that all words w of length at least l can be pumped with this pumping length, meaning that

    w = uvxyz, |vy| > 0, |vxy| ≤ l , uvixyiz ? L for i = 0, 1, ...

    The procedure is to start trying to pump the shortest words until we seem able
    to pump everything, and then make the general ...

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