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    Programming Languages

    Creating a UML Sequences Diagram

    Please help create a sequence diagram for a use case. Perform the following tasks: Review your text-based use case for the Broadway Entertainment Company (BEC) Identify the boundary, control, and entity classes that are needed for implementing this use case. Use the Violet UML modeling tool to create a sequence diagra

    Solving the insert problem; ZIP CODE

    Make yourself a student by writing and executing an INSERT statement to insert a row into the STUDENT table with data about you. Use one of the zip codes you inserted in Exercise 1. Only insert values into the columns STUDENT_ID using the sequence you created in step 2, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, ZIP, REGISTRATION_DATE (use a date t

    Effect of variations in organisational (and societal) culture on large projects

    Do you think that variations in organizational (and societal) culture could pose a significant problem when coordinating or scheduling large projects, where the team members come from different collaborating firms and/or geographical areas? If so, are there any suggestions for viable guidelines that may be followed in those c

    Re-usability in the Procedural and Object Oriented Languages

    Re-usability is the ability to use code written for another situation. Most languages and programming paradigms support re-usability in some form. Create a report about re-usability in the procedural and object oriented languages. These two paradigms support re-usability in different ways. Document the differences in a Word doc

    Individual and Group Decision-Making

    Describe and discuss the differences between individual and group decision-making. Support your arguments through examples or other sorts of evidence.

    Virtual Teams and Non-Verbal Clues

    Many believe that non-verbal clues (e.g. facial expressions and body language) are better indicators of the real (unspoken and unwritten) message that is being delivered. We tend to seek, and are reassured by, congruence between these two layers of communications, when building trust and forming teams. Face-to-face contact would

    Relational Database Concepts

    Would you be able to help me with the following: Using the Internet, find an example of what you think is a good database mission statement. Then, find an example of what a poor database mission statement. Explain your rationale and include at least two reasons backing up your rationale.

    People, Technology and Management - Learning and Improving Performance

    Would you be able to help me get started on the following: Learning is characterized as "any relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience." This also means that it also happens outside of schools, e.g. at workplaces. Give an example of such a "lesson" that helped you to improve your job p

    8-Bit Data Communications

    When using data communications with 8-bit codes, the number of alphabetic symbols: a) must be exactly 256 b) must be greater than 8 c) can be greater than 1024 bytes d) must be less than 256 e) determines the number of octets

    How BNF Might Be Used to Solve Real-World Problems

    BNF is used extensively in the computing field to describe the syntax of programming languages. Please provide an example of where and how BNF might be used to solve real-world problems (by this I mean problems outside the languages and compiling domain). Please be specific and provide an example.

    Natural Languages versus Computer Languages

    We know there are problems of understanding natural languages as opposed to formal programming languages. As an example of the complexities involved in the case of natural languages, identify situations in which the question "Do you know what time it is?" has different meanings.

    MARIE Assembly Language Instructions

    The table given in attachment, shows part of a machine language program for the MARIE computer. Three memory words are shown, beginning at address 100 (hex). If possible, convert each machine language instruction to an equivalent assembly language instruction. If this is not possible, carefully explain why.

    Hexadecimal Code: Example Problem

    List the hexadecimal code for the following program (hand assemble it). MARIE's full instruction set is below, I think this is all that is needed. Consider the "Load A" instruction that appears in the previous problem. For this instruction only, state what changes are made to MARIE's registers for each step of the fetch-deco

    Coding and encoding?

    Considering the flashlight-messaging (ABC=123);What are the key drawbacks of the Numbered Code(replacing each character with a number)? How does either Morse code or Braille overcome these?

    RISC machine assembly: delayed branching

    Consider the following loop: S:= 0; for K := 1 to 100 do S : = S - K; A straightforward translation of this into a generic assembly language would look something like this: LD R1,0 ;KEEP VALUE OF S IN R1 LD R2,1 ;KEEP VALUE OF K IN R2 LP SUB R1,R1,R2 ;S := S - K BEQ R2,100,EXIST ;DONE IF K = 100 ADD R2,R

    Some Function Calls and their return values

    Trace the following program and give the return value for each function call: int h (int b, int n) { if ( n = = 0) return 1; else return(b * h(b, n-1)); } (a). What are values for h(), assuming function calls as follows: i. h(5,3) ii. h(3,5) iii. h(2,2) (b). Describer the action of the funct

    Fix the looping problem in attached C program code.

    I have written the attached code which validates my entries and exits the program whether the entries are correct or not. What I am having problems with is looping back to make another location choice or re-enter a valid choice and to be able to re-enter a valid number for the sales amount when not valid.

    Linux Commands Machine using LINUX

    Project Linux commands. Please record all commands on a MS Word Doc. 1.Log in to the Linux system as a user. 2.Open a Terminal emulation window. 3.Type who, and then record the output. 4.Type cal, and then record the output. 5.Type date, and then record the output 6.Type history, and then record the output. 7.Type !# w

    8-bit 2's complement conversion

    - What is the largest positive number one can repent in an 8-bit 2's complement code ? write your result in binary and decimal. - What is the greatest magnitude negative number one can represent in an 8-bit 2's complement code? Write your result in binary and decimal. - What is the largest positive number one can represent in