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Codes for Check Boxes

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I was told not to use If statement .. and this is what I have so far

chkTitle.Value = 1
lblTitle.Visible = False

this enables me to check the box and the title disappears as i wish
but i dont know how to write the code so that, when i uncheck the box the title appears again

i tried to write chkTitle.Value = 0
lblTitle.Visible = True

right under chkTitle.Value = 1
lblTitle.Visible = False
but then it doesnt work.. says run time error "28".

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The problem is challenging because it precludes the use of if conditional statements which programmers take for granted in writing codes. However, we can take advantage of Object Oriented programming and utilize some of the properties of ...

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The solution provides codes for check boxes that gives the users to display or hide information (labels).