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    Important information about LAN Topologies

    Use short answers to explain the difference (including the advantages and disadvantages of) between: - Mesh, Bus, Ring and Star topologies - Ethernet, Token Ring, FIDDI and wireless Use a short answer to explain at what levels of the OSI model TCP/IP functions.

    Networking Concepts Considerations

    1. What considerations does the company need to make when converting to VoIP? 2. What issues are faced by the financial industry from cellular phones? 3. What are some of the issues facing AT&T as they try to integrate multiple services to deliver to the customer? What impact does competition play?

    Windows Networking: Commands explained

    I desperately need assistance on the questions below which some of them requires using the the command prompt. I would like to have the answer with the detail step by step commands. Thank you! 1. Find all the mail servers for yahoo.com: 2. Find all the DNS servers for Microsoft.com 3. If you can reach a remote machine by I

    Windows Networking and Routing Practice

    Please assist me on this problem (using network calculator: http://www.subnetmask.info/index.htm) see the attached word document. Based on the Network diagram and the Host A configuration given above, Give the correct commands you should use to add the required routing entries to the routing table in order to make Host A be a

    Microsoft Traditional Name Resolution Approaches

    What are Microsoft's traditional name resolution approaches? What are Microsoft current name resolution approaches? What are the differences between them ? Note: The old versions of Microsoft OS depends on NetBIOS name resolution, since windows 2K, Microsoft has moved towards to the standard name resolution, that is DNS. For

    Networking: Subnetting

    Hi, I need help solving this network problem: You must have at least 2500 subnets with IP address and want to have between 50 to 60 users per network. 1. What is the class: _______________ 2. What is the default mask: ________________ 3. How many bits do you need to borrow: _________

    Linda has been assigned the job of connecting five computers to a network.

    Linda has been assigned the job of connecting five computers to a network. The room holding the five computers has three network ports that connect to a hub in an electrical closet down the hallway. Linda decides to install a second hub in the room. The new hub has four network ports. She uses a crossover cable to connect one of

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Networking

    What are the advantages of home networking? Do you find that most of the files are actually stored on a single computer or to you actually have a server configuration in your home with common files? What about security and outside access to your network? Any worries there?

    IT Support - Unable to Log into Email

    A user calls to report that she is unable to log on to email. You respond with a couple of quick questions. Because you know that no one else is using the network right now, you cannot determine whether the problem is unique to her machine or affects the entire network. Probing further, you also learn that she is unable to pr

    Internetworking Design

    This week I am reading network addressing and naming. I have several questions. They are attached. 1. How do I identify a broadcast address and a subnet ID if I am given: (e.g, Subnet ID =, Broadcast 2. How do I identify a broadcast address and

    Wireless Networking Security

    Please help me answer the question below: The security concerns of wireless networks are outweighed by the low cost and efficiency. Is this a valid statement? Explain. Thank you.

    Creating network users

    Explain how you would create the users for the sales organization unit and how to set up work groups in this particular situation (See attachment for scenario). Keep in mind that you may have to name certain applications and allowable tasks for each individual or job role.

    Wireless Networking Solutions

    Please help me with the networking scenario below: Wireless Solutions Your company has just occupied an old historic building in which 15 employees will work. Due to historic building codes, the company is not permitted to run cables inside walls or ceilings. However, employees must be able to share files and printers a

    TCP/IP network scenarios

    Identify the problems with the TCP/IP network in each scenario and explain how they should be fixed. Explain your answer for each of the scenarios. See attachment for scenarios.

    Focus on Technology

    Pls read and answer all 3 questions. What does just-in-time inventory management have to do with the Carle Heart Center in Urbana, Illinois? The Carle Heart Center is one of the most sophisticated cardiac-care facilities in the Midwest. Integral to the success of Carle are three separate cardiac catheterization labs that are

    Wireless Networking

    Wireless networks gain popularity there is an increasing number of households using them for their home networking needs. What advantages exist in having a wireless netless in there homes instead of a wired network? What are the disadvantages? An increasing number of businesses are also offering wireless Internet connecti

    Computer networking and analysis

    Can you describe a network protocol, and ask two leading questions for the class to answer regarding this network protocol. Please provide an answer for both questions you have chosen. What types of business applications would you deem important in a business office? What types of network servers and resources might be ne

    Two Routers Provided Separation of LAN

    1. How may two routers be used to provide separation of a LAN from the outside world? Provide references. 2. Discuss the concept of the defense-in-depth of a network. Provide references 3. What are some things we need to evaluate when protecting our network? 4. What purpose does a firewall play in an organization?


    What is the purpose of subnetting? How does it work?

    Comparing IT Topologies

    1. Mesh, Bus, Ring and Star topologies 2. Ethernet, Token Ring, FIDDI and wireless 3. Short answer to explain at what levels of the OSI model TCP/IP functions.

    Encoding & Decoding using mono-alphabetic cipher

    Using the mono-alphabetic cipher in Figure 8.3 in the textbook *, encode the message "I am a student of MSc IT". Decode the message "s vk jku uasjf ik". the mono-chromatic cipher in the text book as plaintext: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | | ciphertext: mnbvcxzasdf

    E-Marketing Models

    Attached is a description of the resource information I need to complete the assignment. I have chosen the (2) models to utilize for La-Z-Boy Incorporated a furniture company. Must support the 4P's of marketing : price, promotion, product, and place. APA style formatt and references.


    IPv6 and IPv4 List two new or changed features in IPv6. Discuss how each one affects the Internet Protocol including the affects to inter-networking issues. Be thorough in your discussion.

    WEP Enabled Phone

    Would you utilize a WEP enabled phone to perform stock trades? Why or why not? And with technologies like: wireless networking and WEP, how is security important? Would you trust the methods that exist today to secure these technologies?

    IT decisions

    In another year, after all projects are completed, you plan to convert back to a volunteer basis with AllTechComm, and to find more profitable employment, preferably with a major corporation. You are doing all of the research and networking you can in the meantime, to assist you in your corporate pursuit. You are a part of a

    IT Management

    Scenario: A volunteer organization 'AllTechComm' is largely a group of computer professionals who wanted to give back to the community in a variety of ways, both non-technical and technical. A portion of your organization is support, HR, or training-oriented, and has only basic technical knowledge. You are the newly appoint


    Tim Berners-Lee is known as the father of the Web. In "The Man who Invented the Web" (2005) it states that Berners-Lee has fought to keep it open, non-proprietary and free. Why would it be important to keep the Web open and free?

    File and Printer Management

    The Thomsons (Bob, Rita, and their children Mark, Karen, and Louise) all have their own individual computers at home. The problem is, there is only one printer, and it's attached to Bob's computer. Furthermore, everyone is getting tired of having to save files to disks in order for others in the family to access them. Do so


    1. If you were responsible for setting up a network for a company that had offices in five different states, how would you do it? What part would the Internet play in your plans? 2. You work for a small office that has both a desktop and a laptop computer and your boss wishes to network them together. To do this, you need net