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Corporate strategy planning

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In another year, after all projects are completed, you plan to convert back to a volunteer basis with AllTechComm, and to find more profitable employment, preferably with a major corporation. You are doing all of the research and networking you can in the meantime, to assist you in your corporate pursuit.

You are a part of a business network for not-for-profit IT professionals. Your group will sometimes post to your netgroup site in order to assist each other through critical thinking and ideas. There are several individuals in the group who are also laying groundwork for new employment at this time. Some have similar goals of career advancement.

You are entering the discussion board of your business IT network for discussion to increase your understanding of the corporate IT environment.

Corporate strategy planning is common activity for business and a requirement for managers to accomplish their goals. Consider this question: Why has information technology management become such an integral part of the overall corporate strategies of major companies? Research one large corporation and discuss how IT decisions they have made in the recent past have impacted their success.

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