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    Wireless Networking Solution

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    Please help me with the networking scenario below:

    Wireless Solutions

    Your company has just occupied an old historic building in which 15 employees will work. Due to historic building codes, the company is not permitted to run cables inside walls or ceilings.

    However, employees must be able to share files and printers as in a typical LAN environment without the use of cables. Furthermore, employees must be able to use their laptops and move freely throughout the office while maintaining a network connection. Due to the size of some of the files employees frequently use, data transfer speeds should be over 20 Mbps.

    Proposed solution: Install an 802.11a wireless access point and configure each computer and laptop with a wireless network card.

    Will this proposed solution meet the requirements? Would you propose the same? Explain your answer.

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    I have tried to provide sufficient information for you to complete your assignment. Some good reference sources are vendor sites such as Linksys, Netgear and Cisco. You may also want to look at the IEEE site for more information about the 802.11 standard.

    Good luck.



    In theory, the proposed solution will meet the stated requirements. The 802.11a standard has a max data rate of 54Mbps with typical performance in the 20-25 mbps range. This performance can be hampered by ...

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    A brief discussion about wireless networking technologies and the different 802.11 standards and how each might be applied to a specific scenario.