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    Networking, Internetworking, and Security

    You have been hired by a large restaurant called Habibi's. Habibi's has a small network of 20 client workstations and a Windows Server 2003. Seven of those workstations are inside the restaurant and are used by the table servers to place customer orders. Three of the workstations are used by the owner and the management staff, a

    Security Basics

    Scenario: You are an independent consultant who specializes in Information Technology security issues. You have been retained by the Designer Distributions Company, a mid-sized and growing consumer goods distribution company, for an assignment to assess the state of their computing environment security situation. The company's

    Building a LAN

    Suppose you are asked to head a non-computerized department (Assume a business situation and briefly describe it). You acquired 10 computers and would like to connect them to each other. What are the steps you consider to follow? And what are the additional equipment/software you would purchase and why? Now suppose you wou

    A short problem networking a small business

    Hi, below is a short question i have been given in a lecture, i am having trouble understanding the question and the assumptions & solutions that i should give, please can you help me with this problem. The question is worth 20 marks which is split into two sections; 1, Analysis of the problem including assumptions made (


    OTA ID# 103979 QUESTION: This is the first time posting this type of problem. Posting, 34519: NETWORK DIAGRAMS PROBLEM was a different problem. I need some artistically incline person to build a LOGICAL and PHYSICAL diagram based on instructions below, from those diagrams I can build a new network. Attached is an example of

    Forming Subnets for Four Departments

    An organization has a class C network 200.1.1 and wants to form subnets for four departments, with hosts as follows: A 72 hosts B 35 hosts C 20 hosts D 18 hosts There are 145 hosts in all. a) Give a possible arrangement of subnet masks to make this possible. b) Suggest what the company might do if department D gro

    TCP networking corresponding segments

    A TCP entity in Host 1 receives a segment from a corresponding TCP entity in Host 3. The received segment has the following header field values set: sequence number = 245553231, acknowledgment number = 45838821, A bit = 1, P bit = 1, U bit = 1, window size field = 1000, urgent pointer field = 5000. In addition, the segment h

    Multimedia networking -

    Fixed Play out delay : 1. Have a look at the attached image fig6.6 a. Explain why the packets received curve (step line) looks different from the packets-generated curve. b. Suppose that packets are played right away as they are received, identify points where jitter is most obvious. c. What would happen to the point in

    Wireless standards being used

    I am looking for as much info on wirless standards here are some questions I have come up with if you have more info on this topic it would be appreciated. thank you

    Electrical and Computer Engineering > Communication System > Networking

    Attached is a Fictitious project that I need to a networking solution. Please let me know if you can help with my project. Please see the text below for the question (in case if the attachment is not working.) SELL-DIRECT CORPORATION Sell-Direct Products, Inc. representatives are being modernized. In addition to carr